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Brad Imes first opponent for Brock Lesnar?

According to, this could be a possibility: has learned that Brad Imes has been contacted by UFC and is being talked about as a possible opponent for Brock Lesnar’s UFC’s debut fight in February of 2008.

Brad Imes? Really? That’s a trap fight for Lesnar, in my opinion. Imes’ jiu jitsu has grown leaps and bounds since the reality show and he gogoplata’d his last opponent at WFC Downtown Throwdown in September. I’m not saying Imes would win, but I am saying it’s a much tougher fight than people will view it as.

If I’m the UFC, I throw Lesnar a serious bone in his first fight. Say Brad Imes comes in and beats Lesnar? Where do they go from there? Personally I’d love to see Imes v. Lesnar, but if I’m Dana White, there’s no way I risk it.

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