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Kimbo Slice is ready

Triumph United has a new interview with their latest commodity, Kimbo Slice. Sounds like the man is ready to roll:

T*U: Truth. Now, everybody and their old lady know about your stand up skills. Are you excited to be able to showcase what you’re doing with Bas, that your ground game is also there, that you have a takedown defense, that…

Kimbo: Yeah, yeah man, I got the best guy in the business! I GOT BAS RUTTEN TRAINING ME! RANDY KHATAMI! SHAWN TOMPKINS! ALEX SCHONAUER! They the Four Horsemen…and then you got me. I’m the little fat thumb on the hand. And then you fold those fingers together and you got a complete fist, you know what I’m sayin’? Us five together we make a complete, solid unit. And I’m coming and I’m bringing these haymakers with me. On everything that I love, man. I’m coming to fight whoever, whenever, for whatever.

All day, baby. All day.

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