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Impressions of Randy Couture’s presser

couture_press_conferenceWhile we heard nothing really new today at Randy Couture’s press conference, he did address the contract numbers reported by Yahoo! Sports a couple of weeks ago. Not only did he address them, he brought his UFC bout agreements to the press conference and passed them around for the reporters to see. Along with the $250,000 that he got for each fight, he said he usually receives around $500,000 in PPV revenue also. For you math enthusiasts, $750,000 does not equal $3.25-$3.75 million per fight.

I figured this would be the case. Think about it. $3.25-$3.75 million per fight is something we’ve never even heard of before a couple of weeks ago. It’s the highest number I have ever seen reported as far as what UFC fighters make on a per fight basis. Like I previously stated in an earlier piece, the UFC and Dana White can no longer blame fan sites and MMA news sites for inflating fighter pay. He has nowhere else to look but Yahoo! Sports for making a claim like this. All we, meaning MMA fan/news/opinion sites, report is athletic commission numbers, nothing else.

As for the rest of the press conference, nothing was too revealing. Randy Couture came off in a very professional fashion. Dana could learn a thing or two from Randy Couture about how to conduct yourself at a press conference. At the same time Dana was telling everyone how much “Fedor sucks,” Randy is coming off like a complete professional. Couture feels like he’s been disrespected by the amount of money they are offering other fighters when he’s a guy that’s helped carry the UFC on his shoulders. Without Randy Couture, the UFC isn’t as popular as it is today. Pay the man what he’s worth and what he deserves.

Randy didn’t even come with a prepared statement. No talking from an agent before or after. No one sitting with him at the table. Just Randy Couture, laying it on the table and spelling it out.

I think Randy and the UFC can come to terms. From the sound of both press conferences, it seems both are open to discussion. I think we still have a long ways to go before we see Randy Couture back in the UFC Octagon, but I think that should he fight again, that is where it will take place.

For a detailed writeup of the presser itself, be sure to check out Ben Fowlkes’ writeup.

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