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ShoXC 10/26 Thoughts

By Adam Morgan

Where was Mauro? We got Al Bernstein? Are you kidding me? This guy wouldn’t know an armbar from a kneebar if he was looking at the two side by side. He’s a boxing guy and it showed. Quadros carried the broadcast tonight. Did Mauro have better things to do? We he reprimanded by EliteXC for his “25 centimeter pole” comment on the last card? We want Mauro back, dammit! No more Al Bernstein or boxing commentators. Please.

Bobby McMaster got the short end of the stick. The stand up in this fight was absolutely uncalled for and premature. Worse than the Gonzaga/Cro Cop stand up by Herb Dean. McMaster was dominating the first round, landing solid shots from Muhsin Corbbrey’s guard. The ref literally jumped in during the middle of a punch that was about to land on Corbbrey’s face in order to stand the fighters up. Soon thereafter, Corbbrey locked in a standing guillotine, McMaster tried to slam him down and get out of the guillotine and put himself right into closed guard and the full guillotine. He tapped with one second left in the first round. Complete screwjob by the ref, McMaster was winning the fight until then. Take nothing away from Corbbrey however, he seized the opportunity and took advantage of it.

Shayna BaszlerGina Carano, look out, here comes Shayna Baszler. Baszler made very short work of a tough opponent tonight in Jennifer Tate. As soon as the fight hit the ground, Tate was clearly outclassed. Baszler took full mount and set up a slick armbar with a couple of punches to the face. I would love to see Carano and Baszler get in the cage and throw down.

Malaipet’s Muay Thai looked crisp. We saw some serious Muay Thai skills from this guy tonight. His leg kicks and combinations were incredibly accurate. He basically won the fight with leg kicks and dominated all three rounds. I don’t know why Kaleo Kwan never tried to shoot in for the takedown or clinch Malaipet up. He had one takedown attempt at the end of the third round that almost worked. He should have been trying this tactic more often. Malaipet is someone I definitely want to see more of. The only question will be what he does when he hits the ground.

Javier Vazquez made short work of his opponent, then retired. What the hell? I think Stephen Quadros was speechless during the post fight interview.Vazquez and his trademark pink shorts put on a jiu jitsu clinic tonight, ending the fight with a one-handed rear naked choke early in the first round. Then he retired. He’s only 30 years old and a world class jiu jitsu practitioner with a promising future in the sport. He claimed that the sport felt like a job to him and that he’s just clocking in and out. He said he’s lost the desire and feels he’s better suited to be a coach than a fighter right now. Best of luck to Javi and hopefully he regains his fire after some time off. I’d love to see him back in the cage.

Jared Hamman dominated Aaron Rosa. From start to finish, this fight was in Hamman’s hands. With the exception of a couple of big shots that Rosa landed while the fighters were standing, Hamman took this fight to the ground and excelled there. He had Rosa mounted, he had his back, he had his arm pinned and rained down punches, and completely dominated from the top position. Eventually he was able to get Rosa’s back and lock in a tight rear naked to end the fight. Hamman surprised a lot of people tonight, including myself. I had Rosa in this fight and he wore Rosa down and imposed his will. Solid victory for Hamman and I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again.

Overall Grade: C+

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