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Exclusive: Mike Bourke off of Nov. 10 EliteXC card

Mike Bourke confirmed to ( on Wednesday afternoon that he has been forced to pull out of his scheduled Nov. 10 match for EliteXC against Kimbo Slice in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A heartbroken Bourke said that he broke his left clavicle during a training session on Sunday when he attempted a takedown.

Bourke was looking forward to the opportunity to fight Slice and was already in training for another bout when he was contracted to fight on Nov. 10.

Since there was a lot of travel involved with his job, Bourke was able to convince his employer to take him off the road so that he could focus more on his training. He had been in training for a total of 10 weeks at the time of his injury and claims he’s lost 45 pounds.

He’s hoping that EliteXC gives him another shot to fight Slice down the line.

Bourke is scheduled to face Brian Sesma on Dec. 2 for the King of the Cage Super Heavyweight Title. He will be going for a follow-up visit with a doctor to see if there’s any indication as to whether he’ll be healed in time for that bout.

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