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UFC in the process of re-writing contracts?

I was a guest on Steve Cofield’s show on Fox Sports Radio 1460 in Las Vegas on Tuesday night and during our segment Cofield revealed that the UFC is believed to be re-writing the contracts of several established stars.

Cofield attended the UFC press conference earlier this afternoon and indicated he had heard that the fight promotion is trying to re-write certain contracts with an eye towards tightening up the legal language in them to eliminate any potential loopholes.

Cofield’s statement is supported to some degree by UFC president Dana White’s reluctance to state with 100% certainty that Randy Couture will not be fighting for another promotion in nine months.

  • […] file of Randy Couture’s checks and paystubs from Zuffa LLC. The biggest potential bombshell comes from Sam Caplan and Steve Cofield, which is that UFC may be in the process of re-writing some fighter contracts. That’s a scary […]

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  • dizzle says:

    This is for Whites comment about Fedor. A little funny I created. Check it out

    some of you should get a kick out of this.

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  • screwface says:

    well at the very least, randys abrupt departure gave them enough of a scare to think about paying their stars a little more, but i wanna see the day when mma fighters make boxing money. they risk their ass to put on a good show for us and i know those ppvs, ticket sales, and dvd sales are makin the wrong people rich. cmon dana, you got short arms and deep pockets, do the right thing.

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