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Frank Shamrock on Cung Le: “I would just smash him and ruin his progress.”

The ever controversial Frank Shamrock, in an interview with, elaborates on why he thinks he’s a bad matchup for Cung Le at this point in his career:

Nokaut: Will you be facing Cung Le, or is that a fight that you are saving for later?

Frank: I think Cung Le needs some more time and experience. I don’t think it is a good fight right now because I would just smash him and ruin his progress. Everyone is pushing for Cung because he has been very exciting so far. I think it would be a waste of money and it would crush him when I crush him. I would like to wait till 2009 for that fight. I don’t really know who is on the horizon right now. Robbie Lawler’s name has been thrown around, but I am good with whoever they decide.

As cocky as Frank is, he’s probably right. A lot of people, including myself, doubted Shamrock in the fight with Phil Baroni and he made us all look like complete fools. He smashed Baroni thoroughly, even calling his shots at one point.

Cung Le is a great standup fighter, but the level of competition he’s faced and the lack of experience in the world of mixed martial arts are two things working against him. The sanshou clinic he put on against Tony Fryklund was an amazing thing to see, but Frank Shamrock is no Tony Fryklund.

Robbie Lawler is a much better fight for Shamrock and one that I would gladly pay to see.

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