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TUF 6: Episode 6 Thoughts/Recap

The show starts, as usual, with the recap of last week’s fight. Great fight, Ben Saunders and Dan Barerra really gave it their all with Saunders coming out on top to put Team Hughes down 5-1. Matt Hughes is not happy.

Back in the locker room he tears into Barerra for not following the gameplan and tells his two remaining fighters, Jared Rollins and Tommy Speer, that they better do what they say they’re going to do. Hughes is down in the dumps and sitting by the Octagon when Dana White comes in and gives him a pep talk. Many F bombs were dropped and Dana basically told Hughes he needs to beat the piss out of his fighters in order to whip them into shape.

Somehow I don’t think Hughes will have a problem with that, especially seeing as he’s done it all season long already.

Hughes tells his team at the next practice that he expects more out of them and that they need to give him a reason to stay on the show. He then proceeds to torture them in practice, going extra hard on Jared and Tommy. He then talks more shit about Barerra, saying he was scared in the cage and that he didn’t do what he said he was going to do.

Mac Danzig takes exception to this back at the house when he’s talking to Billy Miles. Mac thinks Hughes should take it easy on the rookies because it’s a tough sport and all things come with experience. He makes the point that Dan fought his ass off, which he did, and that Hughes should be happy that he didn’t freeze out there like some of his other fighters have. Billy and Mac come to a realization that the level of talent on the show this years is, to put it mildly, fucking weak. Almost everyone is a rookie.

Mac, who has a shitload of fights, then asks himself: “Why am I here?”

Billy says: “To win.”

Yeah, you got that right. The only way Danzig doesn’t walk away with this thing is if he injures himself. He is far and away the best and most experienced fighter on the show. Later in the night he welcomes Barerra home and told him he fought his ass off and that it all comes with experience. Mac is, with the exception of one show, probably the most likable guy on the show this season.

The next day at the fight announcements, Hughes picks Jared “J-Rock” Rollins to fight George Sotiropolous. Both of these guys are the cream of the crop of the fighters on the show and it should be a good fight.

Next we realize that George is seen as a loner by his teammates. The dude is focused as hell, though. He trains, trains, trains, and trains some more. He seems to be the most dedicated fighter on Serra’s team and is obviously there for one thing and that’s to win. George’s team gets pissed at him for not waking them up for practice. George doesn’t feel he needs to babysit his team and tells them to pretty much deal with it.

At the Team Hughes practice, during a drill, J-Rock hurts his rib. He described it like getting punched in the gut really hard. The EMT on hand took a look at it and said it could be a broken rib or a separated rib and that he should get it looked at because he didn’t want his rib poking into his vital organs.

Of course, Matt Hughes wants a second opinion. So who does he bring in? A witch doctor. Did I read that right? A witch doctor? Some dude in jeans who is identified as a “Witch Doctor” at the bottom of the screen examines J-Rock and tells him that “there’s something there and you probably need to seek medical attention.” Thanks, witch doctor. Why the hell was a witch doctor on TUF tonight? Someone please tell me.

Anyway, back at the house George gets into another spat with the team and specifically Ben Saunders about not waking them up before practice. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about 5 AM here. Or 7 AM. Or even 9 AM. 10:30 AM and these guys can’t get up? Still, it is a little dick that George doesn’t wake them up so they won’t be late. I guess George wants staph infection because he doesn’t wake his team up so they can take showers before training.

The fighters weigh in, have an intense staredown that involves a clinch for some reason, and we are ready for the fight.

Jared “J-Rock” Rollins vs. George Sotiropolous:

The two come out and feel one another out. George looks to have good movement and pops his jab in Rollins’ face in the early going. Rollins looks to be moving in slow motion or doing maybe some tai-chi in the Octagon. Meanwhile George is unleashing on him with accurate combos of jabs and straight rights. J-Rock lands a solid leg kick and lands a right hand and then tries the leg kick again. George catches the kick, the fight goes to the floor for a moment, J-Rock tries for a keylock that George rolls out of and they are back on their feet. George continues to land solid combinations before landing a huge left uppercut that sends Rollins to the mat. From there George continued to pound on him and referee Steve “Porn ‘Stache” Mazagatti stepped in.

Hughes is once again disappointed. J-Rock did not look good at all and George was clearly the more well prepared fighter. Hughes can do nothing but shake his head in disgust.

Team Serra goes up on Team Hughes 6-1. Wow. Next week we’ll see John “War Machine” Koppenhaver take on Tommy Speer.

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