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Ben Rothwell opens up…

I generally don’t check out the Sherdog forums much. Mainly because I generally think its filled with mostly 6 year olds with little people syndrome. But, out of sheer boredom, I gave it a look over and found a topic posted by IFL star Ben Rothwell.

Rothwell starts the topic as mainly an attack on all the ‘Sherdoggers’ who have been bashing him but the topic eventually evolved into almost a Q/A session, where Ben opened up quite bluntly on a number of issues.

One of the most intriguing things I read, was his viewpoint on Matt Hughes’ decision to leave the Miletich camp.

In response to the question, “How is the atmosphere over at MFS now with Hughes and Robbie taking off?” Rothwell replied:

FUCK Matt Hughes and he knows it, how he went about the gym and Pat Mileitich was complete BULLSHIT besides other things.

 He would then clarify his statement in a later post saying:

He treats people around him poorly and has no respect. Really when I hear him talk about God and do this and do that and I love my wife, I want to puke
you (Hughes) couldn’t look anyone in the face anymore, and you fucked Monte (Cox) and Pat (Miletich) over and the fucking gym that MADE YOU

These are pretty damning words from Rothwell and definitely go against the reported “peaceful exit” between Hughes and the Miletich Camp.

The thread can be found here, if you can be bothered wading through some mostly pointless Sherdog posts.

Another thing I found interesting is how Ben stated he was “licking his lips for more” cage fights. Which could suggest his desire to end up in the UFC or at least another organisation that isn’t the IFL.

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