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Can Houston Alexander be stopped?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Houston Alexander. One thing came through very clearly in the interview – Alexander has a ton of confidence in himself. Not to the point where he is cocky but enough to where he feels he will be victorious each time out.

Alexander also feels that even though he started in the UFC in his late 30’s, he’ll be there for quite a few more fights:

“I have three more fights to go. I am pretty sure they will want to negotiate that for me to fight a little longer””

He also addressed the question of if he felt slighted that Keith Jardine got the Chuck Liddell fight instead of himself:

“People keep asking me, ‘Hey don’t you think you deserved to fight Chuck’ I tell them that I didn’t deserve it. I have not been in the UFC as long as those guys have been. To me, they deserved to fight each other. “

Judging by Alexander’s responses, he comes across as a very well grounded guy. He has not gotten caught up in his own success. To me, Alexander’s wins have not been a fluke. The reason for that is he believes in himself. He prepares himself very well. Alexander is clearly a down-to-earth guy who hasn’t even quit his “day job” as a radio DJ.

With a victory against Thiago Silva, Alexander could very well put himself in position to be in a #1 contender type match. I’d love to see Alexander get in the cage against someone with more name value – maybe Forrest Griffin or the winner of Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell.

Is there a fighter who has been more surprising in the past year than Alexander? Maybe Sokoudjou, but besides that the list would be very short.

To read the entire interview, please click here.

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