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A look at Kimbo Slice’s EliteXC debut and his opponent, Bo Cantrell

kimbo_cffc5Kimbo Slice could be the next big thing in mixed martial arts. Tell your friends who aren’t MMA fans or are casual MMA fans that there is an EliteXC event this weekend and they probably wouldn’t even know what EliteXC is or care about it if they did. To the general public, UFC is the only show in town and the sport is called “ultimate fighting.”

Tell them, however, that Kimbo Slice is fighting this weekend and they will most likely know who he is. And chances are, they’re willing to watch an MMA event to see Kimbo Slice fight. Kimbo Slice is great for mixed martial arts. Street fighting background or not, people know him, he handles himself very well in interviews, and has vowed to take the sport seriously. He has the potential to be a superstar for EliteXC, introducing even more fans to MMA that have never before seen it. He is a polarizing figure.

The phenomenal things that his trainers, Bas Rutten and the guys at Team Tompkins, have said about him should prove to everyone that he be taken seriously. If you can take Brock Lesnar seriously, then you have to be able to take Kimbo Slice seriously.

That being said, this will be his professional MMA debut against a fighter who has some MMA experience and is 10-10. That man is Bo Cantrell. Who is Bo Cantrell? He’s the guy you find to fight Kimbo when Mike Bourke gets injured. He’s the guy that was the victim of Brad Imes’ latest gogoplata. He’s exactly the kind of guy you want to feed Kimbo in his first fight. And I think the term “feed” is fitting here.

Cantrell loses to anyone who’s anyone. Any guy he’s fought who has fought on the big shows, Cantrell has lost to. Convincingly. Paul Buentello knocked him out in forty-five seconds. James Irvin has knocked him out in the first round as well. And, as previously mentioned, he just got submitted by Brad Imes via one of the rarest submissions in all of mixed martial arts. The one thing Cantrell has going for him is a victory over Mike Bourke, Kimbo’s originally scheduled opponent. That’s not sayin’ much.

Cantrell is a brawler. Nothing more, nothing less. As long as Kimbo keeps his cool and listens to his corner, he should destroy Cantrell. That should make plenty of fans happy and leave them wanting more. If you want to watch the beginning of a career of a superstar, tune your TV to Showtime on Saturday night.

All day, baby. All day.

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