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Anderson Silva: “I’m not on vacation.”


Is there a more focused fighter in the world right now than Anderson Silva? Here’s a great quote from a recent interview with Gleidson Venga of

GV: And now are you enjoying your vacation in Brazil?

AS: I’m not on vacation. I’m wasting my time training in a gi with the guys from the Black House. Next Nov. 4, I’ll return to Curitiba to see my family and then I’ll go to the United States to continue my wrestling training at a university in L.A. I’ll be there for 20 days and then I’ll return to Brazil to train in the Black House gym.

Anderson Silva is constantly working on his game, never allowing himself to get too comfortable at the top. His striking is world class, we all know that. So does he. So what is he doing? Strapping on the gi to work on his technique with the Nogueira brothers at Black House. And what’s the most glaring weakness in his game? His wrestling. So what does he do? Comes to the U.S. to continue working on his game.

Anderson Silva is a pro’s pro. A consummate professional MMA fighter.

  • garth says:

    this is exactly why Silva is the number 1 middleweight in the world. There was a sherdog thread asking if Hendo, Silva, or Filho was #1. Based on performance, I find it hard to say anyone else can keep pace with the Spider.

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  • Silva doesn’t vacation he just lets Franklin live another day.

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  • Garrett says:

    Thanks Adam. Any idea what university he’s talking about? Maybe USC or UCLA?

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  • Greg Stewart says:

    Well all the info about this Silva/Hendo fight is quite interesting but I think people are underestimating Silva. I would like to hear from the two guys who beat Hendo and trains with Siva has to say. And if you win Silva please retire, come out while you are on top and keep people asking what if questions. Lennox Luis was smart when he got out while he was on top also was Rocky Marsiano.

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