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Noons says he’s open to rematches with Diaz and Bennett

I was able to catch up with new EliteXC lightweight champion K.J. Noons on Tuesday afternoon. Iasked Noons about Saturday’s controversial ending against in his fight against Nick Diaz and what’s next for the newly crowned champion:

Sam Caplan: After you beat Nick Diaz, how did you celebrate?

K.J. Noons: I showered up and we went out to a Fudrucker’s that my buddy owns in Corpus Christi. I had about 40 friends and family down there that drove from Houston and he re-opened up his restaraunt and (there was) an open bar. Open bar and food. It was kind of like a private party. It was fun.

Sam Caplan: You lived in Texas at one point, correct?

K.J. Noons: Yes, I went to high school out there. I graduated from a school in Houston. I lived there until I was about 21-years old and then I moved out to San Diego.

Sam Caplan: And you mentioned that you had 40 friends and family at the event?

K.J. Noons: At least.

Sam Caplan: Does that put any pressure on you or does it give you more motivation to go out there and put on a better performance?

K.J. Noons: If anything it gives me more motivation to put on a better performance. But I didn’t see anyone before the fight. I knew my family was in the crowd but I was just focused to win.

Sam Caplan: Going into the fight were there specific things that you worked on with the belief certain aspects of Diaz’s game could be exploited?


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