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Carlos Newton, Maurice Smith out as IFL coaches

According to Mike Russell of The Fight Network:

Continuing its recent overhaul, the IFL revealed this week it had dropped Carlos Newton and Maurice Smith as full-time coaches – along with the their teams in Toronto and Seattle – and replaced them with Ian Freeman and Mario Sperry. Freeman will direct a team based out of the United Kingdom, while Sperry will lead a team either in Tampa, Fla. or Las Vegas.

Another interesting thing to point out in this article is the following:

In addition to the traditional match-ups between the IFL’s base teams, next season’s events will include bouts with outside camps, which opens up the potential for teams like Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture or Tito Ortiz’s Team Punishment to come in to compete. Former coaches – like Newton, Smith, Ken Yasuda and Frank Shamrock – will be encouraged to field teams at various events, as well. Favorito also said teams will no longer be required to field fighters in each weight class.

With the IFL cutting ties with the “old school” guys like Frank Shamrock and Don Frye, it’s not a surprise that the IFL has decided to cut Carlos Newton and Maurice Smith as coaches, either. It seems that the IFL is trying to do a complete facelift on their product and bring it into a newer era of MMA. Signing two guys like Ian Freeman and Brazilian Top Team’s Mario Sperry to run a team can only help in the long run.

Also, the idea of having outside camps compete with IFL teams is brilliant. The team concept was and still is a pet peeve of mine, but they are doing their best to keep it fresh. Being able to have UFC fighters like Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture assemble teams to compete on their shows will help get people talking about the IFL. For as rocky as their financial situation is, it seems like they’re doing some positive things.

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