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Joe Doerksen: Ed Herman’s “not going to make it out of the second round.”

Joe Doerksen, David Terrell’s late replacement, has fought Ed Herman before. Doerksen came out on top via triangle choke. Apparently he’s predicting the same result, a victory, on Saturday:

“This is a really good fight for me. He [Ed Herman] is obviously not an easy opponent, but style wise, we match up really well. This is a really good opportunity for me to get some of that notoriety and to get my name out there. I think he’s going to get hurt. If things go my way, he’s not going to make it out of the second round.”

I like Doerksen in the fight, that’s for sure. I think Ed Herman got the short end of the stick on this replacement. Usually when someone comes in to replace an injured fighter (see: Bo Cantrell), they’re on a lower level, skill-wise, than the person they were replacing. That’s not the case, here. Herman has his hands full with Doerksen, maybe even more so than if he was fighting David Terrell. Also considering that Doerksen already holds a victory over Herman, the ball is in Doerksen’s court.

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