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Pain Poll: 5 Oz. staff picks and previews UFC 78


UFC 78 is scheduled to take place this Saturday night from the brand new Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.The staff of has chimed in with their picks but we before we get to them I wanted to let everyone know about two additional sources for UFC 78 preview content:

1) I was a guest on WhoopAss Radio recently. I joined the show to help break down the entire card. Luke and Seth were also joined by Tamdan McCrory for an exclusive interview. Click here to listen. Special thanks to the guys for having me on.

2)’s preview can be viewed by clicking here. 5 Oz’s contributors Ben Fowlkes and myself offer our predictions. My analysis is a little more thorough in comparison to what you’ll read here.

Feel free to comment to this post with your predictions.

Without further ado, the staff of 5 Oz. breaks down UFC 78:

Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping

Sam Caplan: There isn’t a big wrestling scene in the UK and while Bisping has good submissions, I’m not sold he can control the position. I think Evans uses his wrestling and ground and pounds his way to an early stoppage in the second round.

Adam Morgan: Bisping being a small light heavyweight will not play into his favor against Rashad Evans. Rashad competed as a heavyweight on The Ultimate Fighter, so he is big for the weight class. I expect Rashad to be able to take Bisping down, overpower him, control him from the top and ride it to a decision victory.

Sam Cupitt: Bisping always seems to annoy me. I always think he’s going to walk through his opponent but he always seems to underwhelm me. However, I’m wary over Rashad’s ability to avoid submissions after Tito’s guillotine at UFC 73. Therefore, for possibly the last time I’m picking Michael Bisping via 2nd round Triangle Choke.

Gary Herman: I’m going with Rashad Evans easy in this fight. Bisping proved that he really doesn’t belong in the cage with a top-flight fighter or, in this case, a middle-flight fighter. Evans by second round stoppage in a fight Evans clearly dominates.

Matt Kaplan: This is Rashad’s fight to win. I think he’s faster, stronger, and more dangerous on his feet than Bisping, but I expect Rashad to have little problem taking Bisping down, smothering him, and punishing him with strikes. Rd. 3 stoppage for Rashad.

Ben Fowlkes: So this is a main event, huh? All right. Evans is going to keep Bisping backpedaling the entire fight and he’ll get some takedowns in the process, but without doing much with them. Evans rolls to an underwhelming decision victory.

5 Oz. Consensus: Evans (5 votes) over Bisping (1 vote)

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