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TUF 6: Episode 9 Thoughts/Recap

As usual, we get the previous week’s fight recap. In one of the bloodiest fights in recent TUF memory, Tommy ground and pounded his way to a decision victory. Now that the preliminary bouts are over with, it’s Team Serra’s duty to pick the quarterfinal matchups.

Matt Serra is in favor or throwing Hughes’ two remaining fighters, Tommy Speer and Mac Danzig, against one another in their quarterfinal fight. This would be a real dick move, but it’s not surprising that Serra’s in favor of it. He wants to stick it to Hughes any way he can, so why not make his two remaining fighters square off against one another?

Serra’s team disapproves of the Tommy vs. Mac proposal because it guarantees Hughes at least one fighter in the semifinals. Also, I think most of them realize it would be a pretty shitty thing to do no matter how much Serra doesn’t like Hughes.

Matt Serra, Ray Longo, and Pete Sell go into the conference room to discuss matchups with Dana. All of the fighters come in one by one to discuss who they’d like to fight. Ben Saunders wants Tommy Speer. Troy Mandaloniz wants Richie Hightower. John Kolosci wants Mac Danzig. Wait. What? John wants Mac? John is a gamer, but I don’t think he stands a snowball’s chance in hell against Mac, but he seems insistent on it.

Most all of Serra’s fighters agree that George is the best in the house, including George himself. When Dana asked who George thought would provide him the most problems, he had trouble coming up with a name. I don’t know if this was a ploy on George’s part because the obvious answer is Mac and maybe he didn’t want to fight Mac this early. Or maybe George just holds himself in that high of regard that he legitimately thinks no one can top him.

Before the quarterfinal matchups are announced, Hughes makes it known to the viewers that he will “throw a fit” if his two remaining fighters are matched up against one another. I think we all knew that to begin with, but now I am wanting to see Serra match these two up just so I can see the drama that would ensue.

Unfortunately I don’t get my wish, and here are your TUF 6 Quarterfinal matchups:

1. Mac Danzig (Team Hughes) v. John Kolosci (Team Serra)

Serra really picked this fight? Are you kidding me? Mac should thank Serra for this fight.

2. Matt Arroyo (Team Serra) v. Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz (Team Serra)

This should be one of the better quarterfinal matchups. Arroyo is the more technical fighter while Troy has KO power and loves to brawl.

3. George Sotiropolous (Team Serra) v. Richie Hightower (Team Serra)

HA! This is some kind of joke, right? I’m betting that this fight is the quickest all season. George by utter destruction.

4. Ben Saunders (Team Serra) v. Tommy Speer (Team Hughes)

Ben asked for Tommy and received his wish. I don’t see it as a good matchup for Saunders at all, however, and I think Tommy’s “farm boy” strength will be enough to overpower Saunders.

I don’t know about you, but it looks like Serra might have been better off to put Tommy against Mac, because he’s already guaranteeing Mac a spot by putting him up against Kolosci. Nothing against Kolosci, but I expect him to get his ass handed to him by a much more experienced, much more well rounded fighter in Mac Danzig.

Because Team Serra has members of their own team fighting one another, Dana White tells Serra that he either has to choose two of his guys to go over to Matt Hughes’ team for training or Dana will flip a coin at the weigh in. Serra is “shocked” by this and throws his own little hissy fit when Dana tells him he has to do so. Why would Serra be shocked? This is what happened on previous seasons of the show, so how is there any surprise? Anybody who saw last season of TUF, you know what happened when two Team Pulver guys had to fight one another. One of them went to Team Penn. That’s just the way it works, so for Serra to be shocked is a little out of control. What did he think was going to happen?

Mac looks focused as hell for the fight and says that Kolosci will have the size and strength advantage. I don’t think that will matter one bit.

Back at the house we continue to hear about the fighters not liking Mac or his grumpy attitude. Multiple shots of Mac are shown with him scowling or cussing someone out. The whole experience seems to be getting to him and bringing out his negative side, so Mac decides to buy a hummingbird feeder so he can relax by the pool, watch hummingbirds, and produce some positive energy.

Well, no hummingbirds ever come and Mac tells us the animals can sense his negativity so that’s why they’re not coming around. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it, Mac.

Jon Koppenhaver decides to mess with Mac’s bird feeder, which does not make Mac very happy. In fact, he cusses some more and moves his bird feeder back to where it was originally at. They mess with him again and put “Bob” the punching dummy behind the bird feeder. Mac is once again livid with his housemates. On the first episode of the show, Mac told us not to fuck with his food or his sleep. I guess you can add bird feeders to that list now, too.

That night, Blake Bowman and Mac are having a discussion about how they may look back on the show and regret the way they acted or some of the things they did. This hits home with Mac and he seems to turn a corner for the rest of the episode, trying to be positive and specifically be nice to Blake. For some reason that’s hard for Mac.

At the weigh ins, both fighters make weight and Team Serra flips the coin to decide who will train with Hughes. Hughes butts in and says he’ll choose if Serra wants to and Serra blows him off. I actually sort of liked Hughes’ idea of taking Richie and Troy under his wing because they are going up against Team Serra’s top two fighters. Hughes described them as the “sacrificial lambs” and I think that’s fairly accurate, especially in Hightower’s case. They finally flip the coin and it looks like Richie Hightower and Matt Arroyo will be joining Team Hughes for training.

Richie and Arroyo pull the coaches from Team Hughes aside and address any awkwardness that there might be coming from another team. The whole time it seems like Richie talking about Hughes blowing him off. Hughes later says that he found the meeting highly unprofessional, when in fact he didn’t look like he cared to be there, cared to have these guys on his squad, or cared what they did in the Octagon. Hightower and Arroyo came in to dissolve any awkward feelings and Hughes just made it worse with his comments and his attitude.

The conclusion I’ve come to this season is that both coaches are assholes in their own way. End of story.

Anyways, it’s fight time.

Mac Danzig v. John Kolosci

There’s no real reason to give you the play by play on this one. The fight was atrocious. All Mac Danzig, all day. He beat Kolosci on the feet, stuffed all his takedowns, sprawled out, beat John up on the ground with hard punches and elbows, and finally took his back for a rear naked choke at the end of the first round. Mac didn’t even look winded. Again, no need for play by play this week. Awful matchmaking by Serra. I understand that John wanted Mac, but wanting him and being able to hang with him are two different things. This was a gift fight for Mac.

Back in the locker room, Mac tells all his teammates that he loves them and if he had to do it over again he’d pick to be on Team Hughes. Yada, yada, yada.

Final scene: A hummingbird feeding at Mac’s feeder. Awwwww.

Next Week:

We’ll see both Team Serra fights, with Matt Arroyo taking on Troy Mandaloniz and George Sotiropolous taking on Richie Hightower.

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