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Michael Bisping: fans in Newark can “go to hell”


Steve Cofield’s got the audio of Michael Bisping saying the fans in Newark can “go to hell” at the post-UFC 78 presser.

Now, the question is, was he kidding? Cofield didn’t think so:

The Brit was asked for his reaction to being booed often by the fans in Newark before and after the event. Listen to the clip below. He said they can go to hell. It didn’t sound like he was kidding. And it did put a slight grimace on the face of UFC president Dana White, who was standing behind Bisping.

After listening to it myself, it sounds like Bisping’s just frustrated. He may have meant it a little, but it doesn’t sound in any way spiteful towards the fans. Putting a grimace on Dana White’s face, however, is never a good thing.

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