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UFC 82: Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono?

MMA Mania is reporting that Jon Fitch will be fighting on the UFC 82 pay per view card in Columbus, Ohio on March 1st, 2008: ( learned earlier this morning that welterweight contender Jon Fitch (15-2) has been approached about fighting Akihiro Gono (27-12-7) at UFC 82 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on March 1.

Fitch will fight on the card; however, Gono is not a lock to be his opponent at this time. Our sources indicate that the Fitch camp is working hard to line up a showdown with Karo Parisyan instead.

A fight with Akihiro Gono makes no sense for Fitch right now while a fight with Karo Parisyan makes all the sense in the world. While I think a matchup against Gono could be interesting, the welterweight division is best served by having Fitch and Parisyan battle it out to see who gets to face the winner of GSP vs. Hughes/Serra.

The presence of Fitch is a solid addition to the card either way, but I’d rather have him fight someone meaningful. While Gono is a solid fighter, he is nowhere near the top of the ladder at the welterweight division, so the fight is a lose-lose situation for Fitch.

  • a. hieronymous says:

    I agree %100…I’d pay to see Fitch vs either GSP, Hughes or Serra.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Adam. The Gono fight is a waste of time for Fitch. The Parisyan fight makes all the sense in the world. I would think a Diego Sanchez or Josh Koscheck fight against Gono might make more sesne right now. Gono is a good solid opponent for two of the UFC’s top welterweights to hopefully rebound against.

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  • paddiosf says:

    Someone is going to get screwed, it’s either Karo or Fitch…..I think Karo after his lackluster showing against Chonan, maybe the one who gets the short end of the stick on this one……I’m surprise to see Gono jumping up so fast to fight a Top Contender like Fitch, it’s risky on the standpoint in this sport a upset can happen at anytime….Maybe Dana is trying to grow his Japanese Fan base??? I know Gono with his Flamboyant style in Pride was a Huge fan favorite???? Something to think about…….

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  • Mike Rome says:

    That’s a terrible fight. If Gono wins somehow, Gono/GSP is not a match anyone wants to see, and if Fitch wins he just beat some Japanese guy nobody knows. I think UFC doesnt want to see either Fitch or Parisyan lose, but this mentality of protecting has got to stop. If they are insisting on it, how about Parisyan v. Koscheck and Fitch v. loser of Serra/Hughes.

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  • gr81 says:

    this fight for fitch would be 100 % lose lose situation he is in line to fight the winner of gsp vs hughs or serra and having karo and ficth fights screws one of them out of a line for a title shot but honestly there is no other match that makes sense put this fight on at 82 and the winner gets hughs serra or gsp in augest or september i mean it sucks to say it but for fitch to take on anyone but a top guy right now is just retarded

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  • hbdale309 says:

    Gono srsly needs to move down to 155. Guys like Fitch will beat him easily… and I do not want to see that. I love Gono.

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