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Vitor Belfort: “I want to return to the UFC”

From the Brazilian fight magazine, Tatame:

“Today I have no exclusivity with anyone. I am the same as Fedor, I do not have exclusivity. I am the champion of Cage Rage and have one more belt defense to do. I am waiting because of the surgery, but in February I will be ready. We are studying many proposals. M-1 contacted me to fight there, there is an event in , an event in , the government of Amazonas, there´s no lack of money there, and they want me to fight there. In December I am going to to make some meetings with Ultimate also. I want to return to UFC”, said Vitor, that explained the break-up with his former employer, Jorge Guimarães “Joinha”.

I don’t see a return to the UFC as very likely for Belfort. He is a shell of his former self as a fighter and hasn’t beaten anyone of note since 2003. He is a good fit as a big name for a smaller organization, but he is no longer UFC material.

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