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Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes at UFC 79 is official

Check this out from Matt Hughes’ personal website:

November 24th, 2007

I’m going to fight Georges St. Pierre on December 29th. I’ve got a couple reasons why I’ve made this decision and I will share those at a later time. I’ve asked for this to be for an interim title and if Matt Serra can’t fight in a year, then this would just be the title fight; but I don’t know if that is going to happen right now. I will keep you all posted.

EDIT: This WILL BE for the interim title, so it will be a 5-round fight. -Matt

How’s that for an upgrade? Hughes vs. St. Pierre 3? How does that make you feel about UFC 79? It makes more sense than any other fight out there right now and if this is true, then the UFC has pulled a rabbit out of their hat after a very Black Friday for their company.

Yet another division with an interim title, this time for good cause.

UPDATE: This matchup has now been made official by the UFC.

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