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Fightlinker issuing challenges right and left

fight.jpg is without question one of my favorite blogs. No, not just one of my favorite MMA blogs, but favorite blogs regardless of genre.

Ryan Harkness, the man behind, and a certified comedic genius, is known for calling out other blogs and making bets about the outcome of big fights.

In fact, he’s currently trying to make a bet with Kid Nate from in regard to the outcome of the Clay Guida vs. Roger Huerta match scheduled to be the main event of the live TUF 6 finale on Dec. 8. If Nate loses the bet, he’d have to shave off his eyebrows.

Yesterday Ryan officially issued a challenge to me of sorts in the t-shirt contest thread. But he doesn’t want my eyebrows — he wants my blood:

  1. # 50 Says:
    Sam “Five Ounces” Caplan vs Ryan “Fightlinker” HarknessThis would be for the Blogger belt, which Fightlinker currently keeps next to his computer and wears whenever he’s busy being the best blogger in the bloggoverse. Sure, it would have to be done at a catch weight because of short notice, but I think we could work something out.


Accepting a challenge from Linker isn’t something that really requires second thought. To my knowledge, he has no formal fight training and even though I suck, it’s not from a lack of instruction.

I also have concerns about his toughness, just like I did at one point about another Canadian, Georges St. Pierre. For the record, some of my favorite people, such as Jordan Breen and Mauro Ranallo, are Canadian. I don’t have questions about the toughness of Canadians or even GSP at this point, just Ryan’s.

Ryan made a bus trip down to Cincinnati for UFC 77 and openly blogged about how he feared for his life in the mean streets of Cincy. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years in Philadelphia, a city in which would potentially cause Ryan to die from an anxiety attack if he ever set foot in it. It is after all, the Murder Capital of the World. If you couldn’t handle Cincinnati then you’d never make it in Philly.

So yes, Ryan, I formally accept your challenge. We just need a time and a place.

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