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Matt Serra talks about his injury, gives thoughts on Hughes/GSP III

Matt Serra talked to MMA Weekly about his injury:

“I wanted to work out at (Ray) Longo’s, doing the calisthenics and the pad work and at nighttime I was doing my jiu-jitsu and my wrestling. Everything went great and then they left. I was demonstrating a move. I was showing somebody something from mount and next thing you know, something felt like it clicked. I’ve never been stunned by a stun gun before, but that’s kind of what it felt like I guess.”

“My students had to help me up and I got through the shower pretty painfully. My brother had to get my socks and shoes on and then they took me home. Then, the next day, I went to the hospital, got an MRI. I’ve got two herniated discs in my lower back.”

Herniated discs don’t normally require surgery, but it all depends on the severity. My guess is that Serra will be sidelined for roughly 4-6 months, but again, that’s all speculation. I don’t blame him for pulling out of the fight if he can’t even get his shoes on. Trying to wrestle Matt Hughes would have been extremely excruciating.

Also, Serra gave his thoughts on the upcoming interim title fight between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre:

“I almost don’t want to say anything because chances are GSP’s going to beat his ass again, like worse than the first time, and I’m fighting GSP and not him,” Serra stated. “I’d rather fight Matt for more than one reason.”

Serra’s predicting an ass whoopin’, Canadian bacon style.

  • Dizzle says:

    im sorry to say…I just don’t see Matt Serra being able to take Hughes in 5 rounds.

    I really wish this fight would have happened. It will be even more hyped up if Matt Hughes defeats GSP.

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  • Paul M says:

    Serra would beat Hughes’ ass down. More likely, he would crack him in the dome with a nice left hook, then subbed him with a rear naked.

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  • Jerry says:

    I have 2 herniated disks and its been 3 months still in tremendous pain. I understand his pain and hopes he does get better. I dont think he did it on purpose. I still would want to know how he plans on healing those disks because Im still hurting from mine. And surgery is not one thing I want to go through.

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  • Steve H. says:

    I have a severely herniated disc also. I doubt that Serra will be in fighting condition in 6 months. I’m guessing he will be out of action 9-12 months.

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  • Todd Ricard says:

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  • Greg says:

    I have 1 dislocated disk in the L5 segment. It has been 7 months since I injured myself and I’m not fully healed. So I understand his pain as well.

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  • scott says:

    Ive had two back surgeries from a blown out L5 S1 disc. After my surgeries i was ok in about 2 months… they have new procedure now were the doctors can go in and shrink the herniated disc. From what has been told about this procedure, its works great!! So maybe Matt Serra can check into it.

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  • Mark says:

    I am also a martial arts and have rupture disc ay L4 and L5. I went through a series of steroid injections. the first lasted only 3 weeks and the other two did not work at all. My pain never hurt in the lower but rather form the pinching of the nerve bundle that effected the left leg. pain became so server that I could not place any weight on my left leg. I had surgery that only required trimming the bulges. The leg pain went away. I went through physical therapy to strengthen the core muscles,but was told that any bending or twisting motion would put me at risk to reinjury. what did Matt Serra do for his back that allowed him to come back at a world class level?

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