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Random Rant: Leave Kevin Iole alone

Wow, what a headline, huh!?

Some of the regulars at are up in arms about the following statement that appears in Kevin Iole’s latest mailbag column on Yahoo!:

 I don’t think the chances are good of Lindland returning to the UFC. Lindland’s not what I call an exciting fighter. I guess that’s what you happens when you’re stuck watching that pitiful Ravens offense for so long, you begin to think Lindland is exciting. And to say that Lindland would wipe the floor with Anderson Silva is like saying Kyle Boller is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Lindland is one of the world’s elite middleweights and is one of the few 185-pounders who would have a shot to defeat Silva. It would be a highly competitive bout and neither guy would wipe the floor with the other.

Where’s the beef?

Aside from Iole trying to make some sort of correlation between Kyle Boller and Matt Lindland, what’s so wrong with what he said?

Lindland is a bad matchup for Anderson Silva but he would not wipe the floor with him. And for him to say that the chances aren’t good of Lindland returning to the UFC are very accurate. Iole is correct.

Based on merit, Lindland belongs in the UFC middleweight division but politics will prevent him from returning. And I’m not even referring to the alleged issues he apparently has had with UFC president Dana White in the past. Lindland makes a lot of money fighting for BodogFIGHT in a non-exclusive capacity.

It remains to be seen if Bodog will ever schedule him again in light of them changing their business model but he has a rate that he expects to be paid. I doubt the UFC will meet that rate because he just doesn’t fit into what they need. Lindland is a great fighter and adds credibility to any promotion he’s involved with but aside of the Pacific Northwest, he’s not a draw. To justify the money he would command from the UFC he would need to be a big ticket seller and PPV seller and that’s simply not the case.

He has value to the newer promotions because of his credibility. If a new company wants to send a message to the public that they are for real, then it it’s worth it for them to meet Lindland’s asking price.

Lindland’s absence from the UFC comes down to money. Despite any issues the two sides have and Lindland’s desire to be non-exclusive, all of that would go away if both parties were in the ballpark when it came to perceived market value.

I’m not sure why people are dog piling on top of Iole at Fight Opinion when he actually deserves some credit.

Iole deserves credit because he didn’t make the blanket statement that some pundits have made in labeling Lindland a “boring” fighter. He’s merely stating his opinion that he doesn’t consider him exciting. Let the man have an opinion.

For my money, Lindland is plenty exciting. Is he exciting in the same way that Anderson Silva and Sokoudjou are exciting? Perhaps not. But it all comes down to personal tastes and to me, technically proficient fighters are a pleasure to watch. Lindland’s wrestling is superb and his boxing has gotten a lot better. He’s improved a great deal since his last stint in the UFC.

Let me make it clear that this is not directed at Iole; I sometimes wonder whether the people who claim Lindland is boring have seen his recent fights or are just going off of what other people have told them? I’m glad Iole was able to express his opinion without trying to stick him with the blanket “Lindland is boring” tag.

While we won’t see Lindland in the UFC it wouldn’t be surprising at all for him to be involved with M-1 Global. In fact, I am predicting that the next promotion you will see him fight for is M-1.

Why do I get the feeling that people are just looking for an excuse to rip Kevin Iole?

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