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Report: Jorge Gurgel vs. John Halverson at UFC 82

From MMA Junkie:

UFC lightweight Jorge Gurgel (11-3 MMA, 2-2 UFC), who runs a mixed-martial-arts training center just north of Cincinnati, and John Halverson (16-5 MMA, 0-1 UFC) have agreed to a bout that will take place at a UFC 82 event in Columbus, Ohio.

You have to think that this is one of Jorge Gurgel’s last gasps for air in the UFC. He looked pretty bad against Alvin Robinson at UFC 77 and that’s probably the last time you’ll see him in a main card PPV bout. A loss to someone like John Halverson at this point in Gurgel’s UFC career may leave him wondering whether or not he should fully focus on training fighters instead of being one. Unless Gurgel pulls off three or four wins in a row, he’s nothing more than a lightweight gatekeeper.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Gurgel was never gonna be in the title picture and I dont think he’s in jeopardy if he loses. I think he serves the role as an undercard filler, and a grading tool for up and coming fighters. He could lose 5 in a row and he’d still be around I reckon.

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  • Jeremy says:

    I see is also reporting that Andre Gusmao is going to fight David Heath at UFC 81. If true Gusmao is another fine addition to the UFC’s LHW division which is just loaded beyond belief.

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  • screwface says:

    if gurgel wasnt a friend of franklins i dont think he ever wouldve made it to ufc. the guys filler for king of the cage at best. shows you how far you can go being a friend of an ex champ.

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