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TUF 6: Episode 11 Recap/Thoughts

So far, George Sotiropolous, Mac Danzig, and Matt Arroyo have all advanced to the semifinals. On this week’s show we have Tommy Speer taking on Ben Saunders for the fourth and final spot in the semifinals.

During a Team Hughes training session, everyone is worried about Tommy’s cut and the swelling on his face, specifically Mac Danzig. Danzig claims he wouldn’t even be training for three weeks with a cut like that because if it gets opened again it could be career threatening. Danzig may be right, but these guys didn’t come here to pussyfoot around.

Billy Miles thinks that if Tommy’s injuries are serious enough to where he can’t fight, then he will be the person that steps in for him. There’s a UFC contract at stake at the end of this thing and as long as Tommy is cleared by the athletic commission, there’s no way he’s missing this fight. I have to admit, though, Tommy’s face looks jacked up.

Billy Miles’ dreams of stepping in for an injured Tommy end when Tommy gets his stitches taken out and is cleared by the NSAC to fight.

Back at the house, Larry (Troy Mandaloniz), Curly (Richie Hightower), and Moe (Jon Koppenhaver), as Blake Bowman calls them, decide to skip practice and drink all day. Does this make sense to anyone else? All of these guys lost and they’re not training? You have a limited amount of time that you’re in the house and able to train with world class fighters like Matt Serra and Matt Hughes and you decide to just skip practice and drink? Where did they find these guys? I bet there’s 100 guys out there that would have grabbed the opportunity to train on a full-time basis for six weeks with two top welterweights by the balls. These three, however, are completely unprofessional and on top of that, they’re idiots.

So they drink all day and smash stuff in the house and punch holes in the walls and generally cause mayhem. This same old shit happens every season on TUF and the UFC has to spend an extensive amount of money remodeling the house after every season. Did they ever stop to think that the less money the UFC has to spend on bullshit like remodeling the TUF house, the more they could pay their fighters? Obviously that might be stretching it a bit, but you see my point. The destruction of the house every year is just out of control.

When Team Hughes comes home, everyone is salty at the destruction of the house, particularly Mac Danzig who starts talking garbage to Richie Hightower and almost fights him.

What Team Hughes doesn’t know is that Koppenhaver decided to drop a deuce in the upper tank of Team Hughes’ toilet while they were gone. Billy Miles immediately identifies this issue as an “upper decker” when he comes home and takes a piss. When he flushes, Koppenhaver’s fresh deuce streams out into the toilet bowl. Yum. I think Miles has had experience with upper deckers before as he was easily able to discover the problem. Something tells me Miles has pulled a few upper deckers in his day.

Anyways, Billy tells Mac about the issue and tries to keep it calm. Mac takes it pretty well and doesn’t flip out. Instead, it’s J-Roc that flips out. He is raging pissed. He didn’t even know what an upper decker was until that fateful day in the TUF house and now he’s experiencing it full bore. J-Roc smashes the top of the toilet against a wall, kicks a member of Team Serra’s door open and starts yelling “Who shit in our toilet, dawg?! Who shit in our toilet?!” I think there’s plenty of guys in the house who have shit in the toilet, but only one who did it in the upper tank. Either way, you get the gist. Koppenhaver tackles J-Roc because he thought J-Roc was going to punch him and then a scuffle ensues which is eventually all broken up. Five minutes later everything is fine and everyone is chilled out.

Troy and Koppenhaver get the lucky job of cleaning up the upper decker, using kitchen utensils to mine for brown nuggets. Fun times.

“These are the kind of people representing our sport?,” asks Danzig, and he’s got a really good point. There are guys who were brought onto this show for their fighting ability and then there are guys who were brought onto this show because of their relative ability and how well their personalities would clash on a reality show. Richie, Troy, and Koppenhaver seem to be in the latter group.

It’s fight day and Ben wakes up sick. He takes a nap and wakes up feeling a bit refreshed but can’t breathe out of his nose. Not good for a fight. Dorian Price thinks Speer will take Saunders down and “GnP the piss out of him.” We shall see.

Ben Saunders (Team Serra) vs. Tommy Speer (Team Hughes)

Round 1:

The fighters clinch and Ben is trying to land knees from the clinch while Tommy forces him back up against the cage. From there, Tommy gets a quick takedown and looks to work ground and pound from Ben’s guard. Ben tries for a triangle choke from the bottom but Tommy is able to posture out of it for a moment. He tries to slam Saunders out of the choke and ends up tightening it as Ben transitions to an unbelievably deep armbar. It is a nasty armbar and I’m thinking Tommy’s going to tap for sure. He fights through it and is able to get back to his knees and Saunders transitions to a deep triangle choke. Another very tight submission, but Tommy is able to land a nice elbow that bloodies Ben’s nose and powers out of the choke. From there, Tommy lands punches from the top until the round ends.

Round 2:

The fight immediately gets taken to the ground where Ben is actually able to sweep Tommy from his back and get to his feet. Tommy immediately takes the fight back to the ground and works some ineffective ground and pound from Tommy’s guard. Mazagatti stands them up due to inactivity and Tommy shoots in for a takedown. Ben throws a flying knee that misses and ends up on his back again. Mazagatti stands them back up one more time and Tommy gets yet another takedown to end the round.

Unanimous decision victory for Tommy Speer (Team Hughes).

Matt Serra should have pitted Mac vs. Tommy if he really wanted to screw Hughes. With his matchmaking he’s given Hughes two fighters in the semifinals and now both teams have two guys in the semifinals.

After the fight’s over, they pick the semifinal fights:

Mac Danzig (Team Hughes) vs. Matt Arroyo (Team Serra)

Tommy Speer (Team Hughes) vs. George Sotiropolous (Team Serra)

We also learn that one fighter will not be able to compete, so someone who was eliminated will get another shot at redemption.

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  • Zach says:

    I heard an interview with one of the cast members where they said that the production staff from SPIKE TV encouraged them to break stuff and destroy the house, not that this makes it acceptable behavior, but it doesnt hurt UFC payouts like you said. If the UFC really expected guys to behave better on the show than they wouldnt give them an endless supply of alcahol and take away phones and books. Ofcourse these young guys get drunk and do stupid stuff, they are drunk and bored, a bad combo. This season has had some good fights atleast, and Mac Danzig looks like the seasoned vet that he is, it will be nice to see him fight solid competition.

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  • Trevar Chapmon says:

    I was so disgusted with this TUF episode that I will never waste my time watching another one. Dana White claims he wants to make MMA respectable, so he does so with a scat episode. That is lower than anything professional wrestling could ever do. Every season the childish, immature drunken vandalism gets worse, and now this. Dana throws a fit before when the fighters actually fight at the house, but says nothing over this. Travis Lutter is treated like the outcast of MMA for not making weight, but Spike only wants to show us kids being drunken vandals and playing with shit Dana Whites lack of saying anything is promoting it. I think anyone who has ever entered the UFC should be pissed, this is what Dana White and Spike TV wants the world to think MMA fighters are like. I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of fighters that enter the UFC are not like this, and I thought TUF was trying to bring respect to the industry, but apparently not. I am no prude, however if that is what I want to see I will watch Jackass or south park. I have no doubt that living in the conditions those guys do that things will get out of hand at times, and some partying and having fun is expected, but that kind of trash does not have to be shown.

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  • Dizzle says:

    dood this was the funniest episode to date.

    Just the way that Jarred broke down the down with his kick was funny as hell! Dood I thought this was the best episode to-date. And to top off the comedy there was a great fight at the end of the episode.

    I gotat say this was good…Can’t wait till next wednesday.

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  • murphspeak says:

    Trevar Chapman – you hit every point right on. My question is: “Does UFC really want to expand and appeal to middle America?” Because Mom and Pop in the midwest, with their conservative views on social behaviors, will not hack to this stuff. Of course, this show airs on Spike, which is kind of an amalgam of all things lowbrow. The closest Spike gets to ‘classy’ is the James Bond marathon, if that tells us anything.
    There are many aspects of the UFC that will have to change in order to have a mass appeal sports fanbase like the NFL has. Chief among those things is image of the fighters. We know there’s some really bad citizens in the NFL, but per capita, and putting the best foot forward, the tatted-up, short bus riding, ADHD untreated denizens of the TUF house have really creaed an image problem for the UFC and its connection with John and Jane Average-citizen.
    Most of the guys in the TUF house have been guys every parent hopes their own kid never hangs out with. Not based on race at all – simply behavior.
    Just imagine your daughter bringing home some guy who punches his head through walls, donates “upper deckers”, gets hammered and plays the fool on national TV. UFC Contract or no, you’re cringing every time that meathead shows up for Christmas dinner.
    If you don’t have a problem with some chucklehead like that, you probably don’t have kids.

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  • Dizzle says:


    It’s a reality TV show. You think that people don’t know what Reality TV is after watching The real world for over 10 years? We all know that reality TV isn’t as real as we all think it should be. The editors slice and dice things in the show to make people think what they want to think about the characters involved.

    We all know that the house is loaded with all sorts of alcholoic beverages so that people will get stupid and try to do immature things. UFC is doing the right now…they aren’t going after the older crowds..they are going after the much younger crowds right now. Which is a good thing because come 20 years when all us younger people are in our mid 40’s…we’ll still be watching MMA and the younger crowd will still be watching MMA.

    It takes money to make money…and it takes risks to make the right moves sometimes.

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  • Gavin says:

    I’m praying for a season of Rampage and Forrest as coaches (regardless of how it would tie up LHW). I’m tired of the whole “the coaches hate each other” angle. Tito and Ken, B.J. and Jens and now the worst of them all, Matt and Matt. Rampage and Forrest would just be a good time to watch. As far as the representing the sport goes, I bet Dana White hates this shit, and Spike TV just eats it up. Last year they wanted the two guys who fought in the house to fight on the finale (can’t remember their names) and Dana shot that one down. It’s going to happen every season, unfortunately. The show’s ratings have been continually dropping, and they really need to rethink their approach. The talent level this year is just plain awful. I don’t care how much of a good guy Blake Bowman is, or how colourful Richie Hightower is, the bottom line is neither of them should be on the show. Take a season off, get 16 GOOD fighters and throw in Rampage and Forrest. That would be one good show.

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  • JJ says:

    Seriously, I think alot of you people are a bit to uptight and serious when it comes to this show. I don’t know if it is because your a different generation or what but it seems like you think these guys should be perfect models of people like yourselves. I personally have never been locked up in a house with no contact with the outside world, so I will say I do not know for sure, but after this many seasons I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that the shit gets to the guys and they get a little bored and a little crazy. You don’t think it’s encouraged by all the booze they leave around? No one ever find it funny that they have never ever spoke of running out of liquor, they just keep draining and draining and draining.

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  • a. hieronymous says:

    I think I’m just gonna watch the last 20 min of the show from now on.

    I’m more interested in fighting than fratboy antics.

    People who dig watching these guys trash the house have probably never had to take care of a place of their own.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Dizzle – yeah, young folks who like these antics are likely very, very responsible, with ample disposable income, so it makes great sense to market to people who have a work ethic that begins after 11:00am every morning, drink thirty hours straight and use their brain container as a blunt instrument.
    This marketing niche would be great to secure, but if this age group watches AND behaves like this, the likelihood that these ‘younger crowds’ will be an audience in ten years is doubtful for the following reasons:
    a) Will they be able to be gainfully employed and be able to pay for PPV, let alone basic cable?
    b) Will they have access to this programming in their local incarceration facility?
    c) Will they be “not dead” from some Darwin-awards related jackassery?

    This ‘younger generation’ you speak of may indeed be the key to future growth. Or it could be the stupidest marketing choice ever made.
    Reality programs usually edit to protect the product, and the show is the product. I have to wonder if TUF is the product – with that HUGE, broadbase, mass appeal that only SpikeTV can bring, or is the UFC the product. If the UFC is the product, the dregs of humanity actions of the residents of TUF house are hurting the UFC image, not helping it.

    It could be that the UFC wants to be that creepy guy in the overcoat inviting us to a warehouse fight, sitting next to strippers in folding chairs. If so, there’s cheaper ways to get to that type of promotion. Just watch EliteXC on Showtime. They’re doing MMA that way.

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  • Dizzle says:


    I have to say that I really don’t care about what goes on in the house on TUF. I’m more interested in learning background information on the character and then watching the strategic fights.

    I think Matt Hughes has been able to keep his team under control the whole season. Showing that his coaching is more than just physical…it’s mental also.

    I’m not for people running around like idiots doing stupid things, but it was a little funny to see something like that happen. Spike TV does their research and they know what age groups are tunning into the show. They are making Reality TV and the fighters on the show who act stupid will never get a chance to be in the UFC.

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  • JJ says:

    I don’t at all agree with your comments a. hieronymous, not only do I not understand why you automnatically assume anyone who gets wild drunk and acts stupid has any association with any sort of fraterniity but also this BOLD statement about how people who enjoy watching this humor probably never has had to take care of a place of their own. Some people are into different things, it takes a closed minded person to not realize that. I personally found it hilarious just to see how stupid drunk some people do get, but does that mean that I am not capable of taking care of myself and my house?

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  • Trevar says:

    As far as TUF being a reality show, I guess it is exactly what it is supposed to be. Like it or not, that is what reality shows are about. My point is I believe the majority of MMA fighters that make it to the UFC level, or other arenas, are very hard working, intelligent, responsible people. That is not the image that TUF is promoting. If the sole purpose of TUF is to be a reality show and compete with other reality shows, I guess they are doing a great job, I don’t know myself because I don’t watch any other reality tv shows. If the purpose is to promote the sport, and show the rest of the world that MMA fighters are not mindless barbaric thugs, I don’t think it is working. Dana White has commented in the past that he has worked hard to improve the public perception of the MMA fighter, and TUF is not helping.

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