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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson speaks

In an exclusive interview with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Jesse Holland of MMA Mania gets the champ to talk about several issues that people have been wondering about. To top it off, the interview is hilarious, so I highly suggest you read the whole thing. Here are some highlights.

Rampage on his injured hand and his return:

“It feels good, I should be ready to start punchin’ in a few weeks. I’m gettin’ back to training and all that. As far as my return I don’t know what the hell’s goin’ on. You guys will probably find out before I do.”

Rampage on Dana White saying he has “big plans” for him:

“I love Mexicans. I love tacos, burritos…I don’t know man, I don’t know what the hell Dana’s talkin’ about.”

Could Rampage be alluding to a fight in Mexico here? I know that’s a market that has been talked about as one the UFC is slowly trying to break into. Roger Huerta is the poster boy for that movement, but headlining a card in Mexico with a big UFC light heavyweight title fight would be a solid event.

Rampage on rumors of him being a coach on the next season of TUF:

“I can’t announce none of that. I can’t announce the new Rampage energy drink that’s coming out, I can’t announce my new deal with Affliction, I can’t announce the Rampage rims for your ride. I can’t announce nothin’.”

By saying that he can’t announce it, does that mean it’s a done deal he just can’t say anything official about it?

Rampage on criticisms of the UFC not marketing him well enough:

“The UFC is very smart with their marketing. They just want to make sure I have the belt for a while. Marketing is expensive. Why they gonna spend all that money and then have me get knocked out by Dan Henderson like he did to Wanderlei. Then they gotta market Dan and then he gets knocked out. The UFC been around awhile that’s why they’re on top. I’m not trippin’ on them for marketing ’cause I can market my damn self.”

He does have a valid point. If Rampage defends once again, I’m sure we’ll see him all over the place. The UFC doesn’t want to invest a ton of money into him if he’s going to get pounded by someone like Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Shogun, or even Forrest Griffin. While I think Rampage has the ability to beat all three of those guys right now, the UFC’s marketing strategy with Rampage is a smart one. Like he said, he can certainly market himself, he’s had no trouble doing that in the past.

It’s a funny read, so I highly recommend reading the rest.

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