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Report: Gina Carano casted as “Crush” in the new American Gladiators series

The American Gladiators Blog, if you can believe such a thing exists, is reporting that Gina Carano will be on the upcoming remake of the American Gladiators show, going by the nickname “Crush”:

We have known for a few days Gina Carano, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter was going to be one of the new Gladiators but we were unsure of which one. Well it has been confirmed she will be gladiator ‘Crush’, a new name added to the mix for more then one reason I am sure.

The word on the street is that they’ve decided to remake the show due to the upcoming writer’s strike. The reruns have been doing well on the ESPN Classic network, so they have decided to bring it back to fill the gap for the shows they will lose. I never figured an MMA fighter would be one of the Gladiators because as silly as the show is, there is still a risk of injury.

EliteXC, Carano, and NBC have yet to confirm this report.


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