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FiveOunces Contest: Best Idea to Improve The Ultimate Fighter 7

We got an enormous amount of entries for our last contest in which the prize was a Five Ounces of Pain t-shirt, so this week we’re launching another contest to gear up for this weekend’s Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale on Spike TV.

Contest Details: Post your Best Idea to Improve Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter television show. It can range from changing one single thing about the entire show or a complete reworking of the entire format. Be sure to tell us why your idea is the best one out there to make the show better. We’ll have lots of entries and our crack team of judges (Sam Caplan, Matt Cava, and myself) are tasked to pick the idea that will make the most positive impact on the show. There is only one entry per person, so you better make yours worthy.

The contest will run from Tuesday, Dec. 4th to Friday night, Dec. 7th Submit your entries in the Comments section of this post.

Prize: The winner of the “Best Idea to Improve TUF 7” contest will receive TWO shirts from the new Ring & Cage Clothing company (selling for approx $40 each). Ring & Cage is sponsoring TUF 6 contestant Mac Danzig, who has his own line. The winner of this contest will get a Mac Danzig signature shirt and regional shirt – pick from East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and Dirty South.

Check out the shirts below, click thumbnails for larger images.
rnc_macdanzig.jpg rnc_eastcoast_fighter.jpg rnc_midwest_fighter.jpg rnc_dirtysouth_fighter.jpg rnc_westcoast_fighter.jpg

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