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FiveOunces Contest: Best Idea to Improve The Ultimate Fighter 7

We got an enormous amount of entries for our last contest in which the prize was a Five Ounces of Pain t-shirt, so this week we’re launching another contest to gear up for this weekend’s Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale on Spike TV.

Contest Details: Post your Best Idea to Improve Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter television show. It can range from changing one single thing about the entire show or a complete reworking of the entire format. Be sure to tell us why your idea is the best one out there to make the show better. We’ll have lots of entries and our crack team of judges (Sam Caplan, Matt Cava, and myself) are tasked to pick the idea that will make the most positive impact on the show. There is only one entry per person, so you better make yours worthy.

The contest will run from Tuesday, Dec. 4th to Friday night, Dec. 7th Submit your entries in the Comments section of this post.

Prize: The winner of the “Best Idea to Improve TUF 7” contest will receive TWO shirts from the new Ring & Cage Clothing company (selling for approx $40 each). Ring & Cage is sponsoring TUF 6 contestant Mac Danzig, who has his own line. The winner of this contest will get a Mac Danzig signature shirt and regional shirt – pick from East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and Dirty South.

Check out the shirts below, click thumbnails for larger images.
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Ring And

  • Chris S. says:

    -The first obvious aspect is that the show must feature Middleweights.

    -I think that the UFC needs to increase the caliber of fighters across the board. This could include taking fighters that would typically fight on the undercard, fighters that have fallen of the map some (Evan Tanner), fighters from the WEC.

    -Bring back random events and challenges between the two teams. Currently, there is no interaction or competition between the teams, outside of the octagon and bickering in the house. Every successful reality show is based around random challenges that are loosely based on the overall theme. Have them do endurance tests (climbing hills, treading water, etc.), strength challenges, team competitions (have them play flag-football, b-ball, tug-o-war, ice-hockey). Any competition that brings the two teams against each other. The winner of the competition gets to pick that week’s fight.

    This is the best choice because it allows us to see better fights while seeing future UFC fighters taking place in stupid challenges that people love to watch.

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  • eazye says:

    Bring in the country vs. country aspect. Have a top training teams from 2 respectable countries select 8 fighters apiece, with an even mix of well-established (no #1 contenders or former/current champions) fighters and up and comers. We’ve seen with Joe Lauzon vs. Jens Pulver and Lil Nog vs. Soku that anything can happen in the octagon when experience meets the no name. To keep a tie-in to the UFC, have top stars of the training camps come in for special sessions, say Rashad Evans and Nate Marquardt as coaches for an episode or 2 if Greg Jackson’s team was on the show. This gives guys already in the UFC a chance to make a bigger name and showcase their talents and guys who have yet to debut in the UFC to get their name out there. Keep the typical tournament format, with random draw for the brackets (one team gets even number, other gets odd, match-up accordingly). Winner gets a guaranteed contract with the UFC if they don’t already and a huge step towards the top. This opens the “new breed” of MMA fans to camps from around the world and fighters they’ve never seen and gives fighters the opportunity to make a name for themselves and fight on the big stage.

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  • Marcus says:

    Two words: Women fighters.

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  • NickRE says:

    1. Institute a rule stating that all contestants must have fought a minimum of 10 MMA fights. This will element all of the losers blaming inexpierence and create good matches for the whole season instead of just the final few rounds.

    2. Allow UFC fighters who have either lost 2 in a row or 3 out of their last 5 fights in the UFC to be contestants on the show but only allow a certain number; perhaps 5. That way up and comers will have to prove themselves against guys who have been in the big show. The veterans will have a chance to prove they still belong and get some good exposure.

    3. Instead of having current UFC fighters serve as coaches; bring in a mix of actual trainers to coach and retired UFC fighters to serve as consultants. Forget the idea of having coaches who hate each other and fighting at the end. This idea is better for the contestants and allows the show to focus more on fighters and less on the drama.

    4. The first day of the competition and subsequent first show should be a large training session. At the conclusion of this session Dana White, the trainers, and the consultants should set down and rank the fighters 1-16. One trainer takes odds and the other takes evens this could be determined by a coin toss or a famous Dana game (bowling, pingpong etc.). Then pit the fighters against each other in a tournament style 1 faces 16, 2 aganist 15 and so on. This in theory allows the best fighters to keep advancing. Plus you get underdogs and everyone loves underdogs. Also people know in advance who they are facing which allows them to train better and again give us better fights.

    5. Show more of the training and the cutting of the weight and also have the concultants and trainers discuss game plans with the fighters. That way fighters cant blame the coach for lack of game plan a la this season with Matt Hughes.

    These ideas gaurantee that we have better fights throught out the whole season. Also the best fighters will in theory keep advancing although the role of underdogs will add drama and everyone loves to root for the underdog. The addition of fighters on losing streaks allows them to gain exposure as well as to prove they still belong plus if a young guy wins he did it by beating some veterans making winning the show more of an accomplishment. At the end of the show the winner still gets a contract with the UFC and a gaurantee to be on one of the next 3 PPV’s ( I add this because I am tired of seeing Nate Diaz repeatedly fight on UFN’s and thus wasting the marketing they could have used with him as the TUF winner). Also as a new spin the winning fighters trainer throughout the show recieves a cach prize maybe 10 or 25 thousand dollars. This will make sure they give there all and try their best to get their fighters to win.

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  • steve24 says:

    Instead of winning a contract, make it a cash prize like $100k. I think these TUF winners get screwed in the long run signing these ridiculously long contracts.

    With a cash prize, the whole teamate thing will be thrown out the window. Fighting is not a team sport. With a large pot of money on the line, the fights will be better and there will be a lot more drama in the house. Overall, it will make a better season of TUF. It’s all about the ratings remember.

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  • CagePotato says:

    From now on, Arianny Celeste lives in the house. You think alcohol causes drama?

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  • jon says:

    I think that it would be interesing to start each episode with a 30 minute session showing the fighters in their element including training with their respective camps and interacting with their friends and families prior to their bout. This way you get a feeling for who these guys are. Then do a 10 to 20 mintue session showing their progression, traveling, pre-fight preparations and weigh-ins. Then haqve the actually fight to get them to the house. I actually enjoyed the Tapout show minus the tapout guys but they only showed one side. I’d like to see both sides. After each qualifying episode have one fighter stay and move to the house and one fighter go home.

    That way when they get to the house, they have already proven themselves by winning a fight and you get only the better guys involved and you have a sense for who they are and you can gauge if the house really changes them. The final rounds would remain similar with the exception of a more random selection of fights.

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  • NickRE says:

    Forgot to mention it in my post but I wanted to Thank you guys for having another contest especially so soon. The contests are great and the prizes are worthwhile. There fun to do and get your sponsers some ad time by just donating their products. Hope you keep them coming and hope your sponsers cooperate. Thanks guys and good luck to everyone I am anxious to read everyone elses opinions.

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  • Evan says:

    Mine is simple…

    Have less of them. There is far too many seasons too close together.

    Also make it sort of like American Idol (stay with me here) where they have some filmed stuff on what happened during the week and make the fight live at the end of the show.

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  • Zack says:

    My idea is to take the best elements of the TapOut show and the TUF series and put them together.

    Completely do away with the contrived “locked in a house” format. Make the show about up and coming fighters associated with the best gyms in the country (maybe have two fighters per camp for a total of 16 fighters). Showcase the “real” lives of 2 fighters per episode, highlighting the struggle it takes to be a fighter that still has to make a living, care for a family etc. Have the matchmaking done by a charismatic host – someone like Bas Rutten – who travels to each of the camps and profiles the fighters.

    After cutting to 8 fighters, do the quarterfinals and semi-finals live on Spike or in conjuction with a Fight Night or free tv event, culminating in the live finale.

    The strengths of this format are – much richer profiles of the fighters in their own element will lead to true reality heroes, highlights top camps and trainers, and creates more live fights.

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  • Mr. Takedown says:

    NickRE – thanks for your kind words. I almost shed a tear. *sniffle* Kidding of course.

    We love that we can bring our readers these contests and cool prizes. The BEST way you can thank us and ensure we do more giveaways is to tell your friends to submit entries to the contests. If our sponsors feel that FiveOunces exposes their brand to hardcore MMA fans, they will continue to provide us with gear to give away as prizes.

    Thanks again.

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  • Dizzle says:

    Instead of finding fighters who have experience. You go out and you find people who have “NEVER” fought before and you train them for a period of 6 months.

    After training you have an episode for quarter finale fights and the semi finals.

    After that you hve the finale on Live TV.

    The winner doesn’t win a contract with the UFC but instead wins a free year with the camp of their choice.

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  • Dizzle says:

    This way you have the realistic view point of what an amateur fighter goes through when first entering MMA.

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  • Ahh, Dizzle… you beat me to my idea!

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  • Dizzle says:

    eh I’ll sell you mine for just 3 easy payments of $39.99

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  • CacophonyKid says:

    Make Dana White live in the house with all the fighters. That oughta stir up some controversy and drama.

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  • socalaaron says:

    Cancel the show all together!

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  • NickRE says:

    I see where you guys are coming from with the guys having never fought but in no way does that benefit the UFC or the bottom line ($) which means your never gonna see it happen eventhough i agree its an interesting idea.

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  • Dizzle says:

    Yea, but Nick it’s never been done before. Things that haven’t been done before are things that grab peoples attention.

    The UFC is need of grabbing new viewers attention. Think about it…you don’t know what MMA is about, but you see the commercial for TUF 7 with a group of people who have never fought in MMA just like yourself.

    You might find yourself going man I wonder what this is all about.

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  • el boxeo says:

    make the whole show real time or at least a week apart from the actual fights.. kinda like big brother (where you can see them live anytime) or even like the 24/7 shows on hbo where you see them training and stuff and yet you know its only been a week .. not 4 months later…

    you could have two shows a week and it would BE MORE hype leading to the fights.. imagine if you were able to see these guys train in real time or live in the house.. have one show a wrap up show of what is happening in the house and how they train and then have another episode the same week WITH THE ACTUAL REAL FIGHT LIVE…

    or haave the first half an hour a wrap up show of the week before and the second half hour the live fight… if they have the fight live i think it would add a tremendous amount of drama.. the same drama that occurs in live fights.. but all the edited stuff (like replays , dumb stuff happening in the house where everyfighter after wards says “they didnt get that right”)

    make this live and more interactive to the fans… some of these fights you can tell how long it will go based on what time the fight starts during the 1 show…

    imagine being able see the prelim fights live and then have them getting interviewed right after… that would be 10 times the suspense…

    every fight would be like a mini free show… and what makes these fights like any sporting event GREAT is that its live and you dont know what is happeing…

    of course something like NFL football looks great the when you watch it on NFL films but thats not comparable to watching that game live….

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  • 1. Get new producers.
    2. Give the fighters something to do on their down time. Let them watch UFC videos or at least read the Complete Idiots Guide to Ultimate Fighting.
    3. Show more training and less weight cutting.
    4. Get the coaches to come to the house more often because that is usually pretty interesting. Maybe even make the coaches live with the guys.
    5. Take them on vacation or camping once in a while. i would love to see how the fighters would do training out in the wild.
    6. Either have all the fighters be amateurs and not allow guys like Mac Danzig come in a dominate or have the group be all real pros.
    7. I think they should bring back the two team but shared coach style from TUF 4. It makes for more rounded fighters.

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  • karat3 says:

    They could start with actually filling the show with decent prospects. Not blake bowman and richie hightower.

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  • Dizzle says:

    really good point Boxeo on being able to know if the fights are going to be short. I like the idea of watching live fights.

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  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Lose the in-house drama which only brings shame to the fight game. Who needs to see knucklehead fighters get drunk and kick in walls? (I had no idea what an “upper-decker was before this latest season…information I could do without).

    Fill that time with more training footage.

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  • Eric Shapiro says:

    All fighters must grow beards for the duration of the show and at the end, there shall be one giant beard-off to finally prove who wields the thickest beard of all. That person will then be sent to Russia to train for their final battle against Ivan Drago.

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  • S.M. says:

    make it take place in a different location, possibly california, or even canada like monteal and instead of using the same old ufc training facility there should be groups of them drafted by like 4 diferent fighters kinda like teams i would say and they each have different training camps one could be big bear etc. and they live just with the guys they train with to make it more accurate in accordance with real fighting. the only time these fighters see the guys in the other camps would be at the draft. the fighters would be matched up according to talent from the very beginning based on skill after the assessments in a bracket style its almost like a very long tournament as the ultimate fighter. as well there could be prizes fighters could earn that arent as reality show based such as challenges to win and just more random like a draw to put emphasis on the actual prize and not process. a prize could be where u get a list of ufc fighters (obviously confirmed with the ufc that they would do it) and you pick a custom corner of fighters and they train u the final 2 days or so before the fight. then i say once a bunch of ppl have been eliminated from the camps from losing their fight. the remaining few from each camp will be put together in one house for the final round and fights and the individual coaches will be picking up their 2 fighters from the house. the concept is great cuz the guys who will be fighting eachother immediately ewill be pput in a house hwen theyve never even met once when theres only like 8 of them. or even in the semi finals each fighter could get a list of fighters and they custom design their few day training camp they pick the few fighters and they will be their corner. like techincially someone could have GSP joe stevenson and brandon vera in their corner for example. but each team has one set in stone coach and for the semi finals they should be able to pick their training camp and corner. and as a side note if the ufc wants to be so itnernational and they want to expand globally they could even do it like the ultimate fighter olympic edition where they do what i recommended but in las vegas with north america vs the rest of the world – this is all really rough and is terribly written im just speaking random ideas but i hope u like them

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  • Mike says:

    An idea to improve TUF should appeal to both hard-core MMA fans and also draw new people into the sport – this was (and indeed still is) the reason for the show, and for the surge in MMA popularity in recent years.

    My idea, like some of the others listed, borrows from other “reality shows” and feeds off the the idea that reality shows are about seeing how people react to unexpected or difficult situations, how they bond together or fall apart under pressure. The crux of the idea is to have two groups of fighters: One group is comprised of very promising and young, but less experienced fighters. The other group is comprised of older veterans – recognizable names that have fallen off the map and who are looking for one last shot at glory. In this group I see some guys that have missed out on the glory days and paydays of MMA in recent years.

    The season begins with the two groups separated – different houses etc and they are not even aware that the other group is involved in the competition. Within each group there are two teams and two coaches etc. As far as anyone in each camp (save the coaches) knows – its a regular season of TUF. For the first round we are treated to two fights a week – one from each house. At the end of the first round, the separate teams in each house have bonded together and rivalries have developed between teams. Then the twist is annnounced – There are two camps that will now compete against each other for one 6 fight contract (and hell, a big cash prize), with old teams within each house being merged into one. For the next rounds the fights go back to one a week which will leave more time to explore how the fighters react to having to face a new group of recognizable names from the past or alternatively, a group of young punks to fight.

    I think this idea is unique because it draws on what has made other reality shows successful. The appeal for hardcore MMA fans will be the increased number of fights in the preliminary rounds and the chance to see some old favorite fighters get back in the octagon. How intriguing would it be to see an up and coming fighter who thinks he has a clear road to finals learn that he now has to fight a legend that he watched when he was a kid.

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  • Drawzz says:

    Take new fighters and past fighters who have been on the show and make it a legit tournament…rank them 1 thru 16, have a bracket already established before the show starts…make it more of a fighting show and less of a reality tv show… a blend of 24/7, the current TUF show, and a hint of the BoDog Fight…

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  • travis8 says:

    Winner of TUF7 to fight against Human Weapon machine – Bill Duff.
    U past him..ure legit!

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  • Young Duby says:

    Steal a page from the Contender and bring the fighters’ wives and kids to the actual fight. The show is lacking anything we might consider of “the human element”. If the wives, girlfriends, parents, kids show up before the fight, it adds drama and gives us more reactions to cut to. Something really dramatic about seeing the face of a guy’s kid or father watching the fight.

    Also, perhaps there could be some kind of reward for winning the fight ala Survivor. A reward could get the winner of a fight plus a friend of his choosing out of the house for a segment of an episode. Would be pretty cool and add even a slight incentive. Examples: “A night out on the town with Rampage or Chuck”. “A visit to a Live UFC event”. “A private Training Session at Randy Couture’s Gym”. “A commerical spot with a sponsor” (need better sponsors :) ) “A Night of Sex with the Girlfriend (or a ringcard girl”.) Etc. Just add more life to the damn thing and get the winner and a chosen companion out of the house. Breeds jealousy and gives the audience some different views of the fighters outside the cramped environment.

    Foreign fighters. Of course they’d need to have some English, but c’mon, that’s not too difficult to find. Call it TUF: Clash of Nations. And with that bring in some real backstory that is shot before the fighters come to the house. Do a day of shooting with each fighter in their home country, preparing ala BloodSport. See the family and get some interviews and better view of who these people are.

    Too many more too count. Show needs a major facelift, not just a move to Miami for some exterior shots of palm trees and bikini clad biznitches.

    Now gimme my shirt, Sam! J/K

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  • Kevin says:

    Here are my changes:

    1. Rank the fighters 1 thru 16
    2. Have two houses, one each for the two competing teams.
    3. Have the coaches live in the house with their teams.
    4. More coverage of nutrition, weight cutting and workouts, less of drunken stoopers.
    5. Have one team challenge at the start of the season. The team that wins picks the first fight. The winner of the fight controls the next weeks pick.
    6. Fighters fight for money, a cash prize each week. If you defeat a higher ranked opponent, you win more cash. Less money if you pick an easier fight.
    7. Winner of the show wins cash, training expenses for a year.

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  • MattMac says:

    I think that the best thing would be to have the show as close to live as possible. Almost along the lines of the American Idol format. I know that it would be difficult for production, but I would like to see the fans logging onto the UFC website to select the fights. The fans know what they want, and would pick the best fights possible. Instead of a couple fights/week, make it one fight/week. It doesn’t have to be live, but it could happen a couple days in advance. Fight Monday, air on TV Weds.

    Obviously the idea above would never fly, so this is the format I think would work. I think that Spike/Dana should without a doubt pick all of the fights. I want to see the best possible fights. I think that training should be shown more. I want to see what the guys actually do during training instead of shadow boxing in the shitter. It would be nice to pick up a couple techniques here or there from the show. Also, show weight cutting. The point is that mostly fighters watch the show anyways. Show them what they want to see. The drama thing is ridiculous. It is not interesting. Dana talks about giving the sport a bad name because of fighting outside the cage………….how about giving someone an upper decker??? Tell me that doesn’t make fighters look like complete morons. They need to target the interest of the audience, not the occasional viewer.

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  • Rich says:

    I think that the fighters need to stay in separate houses. The way it is set up now the fighers live with their opponents. Even though they train seperately they should also live seprate. That would be like Chuck and Silva living together and then they fight that week. In my opinion I would not want to live with the guy that might kick my ass or vice versa. After that fight its like a chick doing the walk of shame home after a Saturday Night Frat party with messed up hair and the same clothes on from the party. I would be ashamed to go into the same house as my opponent after he whipped my ass.

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  • 1) Make the coaches live in the house.
    2) Reward winning fighters with phone calls home, or visits from family members, a la The Contender.
    3) Give more backstory on the fighters. Send production teams out to these guys where they live so we can develop more of a connection with them.

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  • Hoops888 says:

    Being a non American i really want to see the ufc promote it’s self more out side the u.s. so with that in mind i’d love to see the 2 teams made up of u.s. and non u.s fighters. I pretty sure the American public would love watching TEAM USA pitted against fighers from all over the globe !

    Bring back the team games and make the coaches live in the house, we’d all have loved to see Hughes and Serra living together that would have been interesting?

    LETS GET IT ON !!!

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  • ***BigNasty*** says:

    Here it goes… TUF needs to go to the format that it was originally intended for… to give someone who previously had no chance of making it to the UFC, and give them a chance. The next season needs to have contestants that are able to pass extensive physicals but have a minimal or no experience in MMA training.

    The production crew would document each contestant training in their hometown for 6 weeks or so, then the contestants enter the house with, in some cases, only 6 or so weeks of basic training. This puts each fighter on a level playing field, as well as gives a fighter a chance who only dreamt of fighting in the UFC a few weeks ago, now he has the chance.

    The portion of the show with fighters in the house would be very focused on training. More than likely, these fighters would’ve have the retarded egos that most of the previous contestants have shown. They would be focused on training and learning before they had to fight.

    When it finally came down to the finally, it’s very possible that we would be able to enjoy a fight much like Griffin vs. Bonnar, in the sense that these guys will be fighting for their fighting career (because the UFC will actually ONLY sign the winner), money they couldn’t get at a regular job, and a dream that had no chance of fulfillment a few months ago.

    This option would satisfy both new fans of the sport and hardcore fans, as the show would create stars, as well as be focused on the training aspects of MMA.

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  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    1) Get rid of the “The Real World” crap where they’re all living in the house together… Just send them all to a place to train and compete and follow them around with cameras while they train and compete, with maybe a little footage of them getting up early, eating meals, hanging out, etc… BUT DITCH THE DRAMA OF ALL OF THEM IN THE HOUSE.


    3) Show more training, more sparring, etc. Show more of how these “amateurs” become pros, and less of the drama. The drama should come from the octagon, not because some guy writes crap on the wall “at the house”. (Of course there can still be manufactured drama, like choosing “the dick” Matt Hughes as a coach, etc.)

    3b) Make the show more of a behind-the-scenes amateur fight circuit, with more fighting and technical stuff. The “Real World” thing has run its course.

    4) If killing air time is an issue, replace the house stuff with more skills and physical fitness competitions.

    Its hard to improve the show because you either have to make it more interesting for the seasoned MMA fan, or keep it dumbed down for the mainstream audience.

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  • 1st off, the #3 poster is crazy! i’d only watch an all woman mma show if they had to fight naked and the only submission that could be used was the triangle choke. my idea is simple- have more fighters (32) or enough to have 2 fights per show.

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  • ***BigNasty*** says:

    My idea would kill the drama of the house, as none of these guys would have the puffed up egos and try to flaunt their records or experience or whatever.

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  • woooburn says:

    i havent read the rest of the comments (so i apologize for any repeats), but here my two cents:

    personally, i think the ufc is getting FULL. too many new fighters, that things take sooo long to get sorted out (number one contenders, etc). i say forgot the “ufc contract” prize, and have only existing ufc fighters on the show. people with one and two fights in the octagon already (or well established careers in other orgs, where they may not be household names yet… mac danzig for example). i think the caliber of the fights on the show would increase instantly. not that they’re not entertaining now, but some of the inexperience is obvious. then, as silly as it sounds, make the prize a title shot. even if they’d be getting thrown to the wolves (i.e. anderson silva), i think it would be more interesting, and definitely make a faster impact on the division, and the organization as a whole. if someone follows a fighter through the entire season, and immediately gets to start seeing them contend for the title, it will only increase pay per view buys. take nate diaz for example… he’s a good fighter, but years from a title shot in my opinion (because of he hasnt fought top competition, and there’s a million other fighters in line for a shot before him). i know they did this in the “comeback” season, and i’m not saying it would be a permanent option, but i think it would definitely bring some life to the fledgling middleweight division. and if there’s other fights would feel like they should be in line for a shot before someone on the show, tell em to sign the hell up, and prove it. i understand the model of this show being that they want “undiscovered” “raw” talent, but i think they’ve already shown (with guys like danzig, maynard, wiman, etc), that they’re not only interested in newbies, and that they need somem seasoned guys in there to add credibility to the outcome. after all, this is the show to find the next ULTIMATE fighter, not the next b level fighter who you’ll get to see on the undercard every six months.

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  • woooburn says:

    oh, and after reading through everyone else’s submissions, i agree with taking a page from ‘the contender’, and having friends and family members present. not to mention an ACTUAL CROWD. it’s so strange watching the fights in dead silence (expect for BRREEEEAAATTTHHH!, from serra the whole time). nothing huge, maybe a couple hundred people… and bruce buffer!

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  • Savage says:

    My idea is to have an international version. TUF is designed to get the audiences that they want. Younger kids that see something that catches there attention. Then the sells go sky rocketted. Well UFC also wants to go global. People want to see the best and most craziest fights ever. So give it to us by making a TUF season international. The season would consist of 4 teams. Each holding 8 fighters. The fighters would be from Canada, Russia, Brazil, and the US. The coaches of the teams would be the #1 ranked people from each bracket. By statistics and not by opinion on ranks. But my opinion would be Anderson Silva (Brazil), George St. Pierre (Canada), Andrei Arlovski (Russia even though hes from Belarus but its close enough plus it was part of the old soviet union so yeah), and finally the US coach would be…… well lets leave it up to Dana because thats just to hard, in my opinion it should be Dan Henderson, Forest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Quinton Jackson, or somebody. Its just so hard to choose. So Dana can pick that one. (Notice all my choices for US are all light-heavy weights).
    Now for the action on the show. Each country will compete in small challenges. Each week the countries will send one representative to compete in a small challenge. Something along the lines of weight lifting, running, rock wall climbing for time, speed courses, or something. Anyways the winner of the challenge will be able to pick another fighter from another team to fight. Once they choose the other two teams that werent picked and didnt win fight each other too. Two fights a week will bring more action to the show and so will the challenges. So basically challenges equal who gets power over fights.
    Now for the fun part. Living arrangements. Each team will have there own house so you dont have all that cultural difference and also so you wouldnt need translators in the house because some guy starts talking crap in a different language and you dont know what there saying.
    If all things go well each country will have one person in for the semi finals. Showing a type of David vs. Goliath theme to it with the countries super power against small countries. Anyways no matter who gets in the semi finals four contracts will be available. One to each country for the guy that got the farthest in the whole season and was the best at everything.

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  • pr0cs says:

    My idea closely resembles Zacks (#10) so I’ll just put a vote in to use his suggestion.
    They need to can the “everyone living in a house filled with booze and nothing else”, get rid of the “real world” bullshit and concentrate more on the fighters, what they have/had to do to become a fighter, their back story and lives. Working the teams they train with in is a good idea and gives more exposure to the group largely responsible for a fighters success (their teammates and trainers).

    I will be really disappointed if TUF7 does not get rid of the stupid antics and concentrate more on the reality of being a fighter.

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  • sharaab says:

    Simple: Fighters must finish their fight in order to stay in the competition. If a fight goes to a decision, both fighters are out.

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  • Rob says:

    This is really simple…
    I love MMA and especially the UFC brand… But TUF pisses me off!

    Quit showing the stupid jackass assery going on in the house when the guys aren’t training. If I wanted to watch people live in a house together I’d watch MTV’s Real World or some shit… Wait, cut off my genitals, then watch that bitch show, Real World.

    Instead of this shit, how about showing us more of the actually coaching!?! Maybe I’m not on the same page as the general public, but I would actually like to learn from watching this. Not just a couple highlight shots of guys sparring right before their individual fight either; but actual techniques shown to the fighters, more concepts of cage and body control, adjusting gameplans… You know learning about MMA, not how to trash a house, that shit’s best learned in a college dorm.

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  • Rob says:

    Clearly I didn’t read everyone else’s comments…
    But good! At least I’m not alone in thinking “the house” part of the show needs to go!

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  • E RUSH says:

    My format for the new show.

    1) Begin the season with clips from the fighters tryouts and get a background profile including video.

    2) Show the fighters getting accepted to the show (like American Idol finalists)

    3) Show the fighters training with the UFC appointed trainers/coaches

    4) Select brackets at random.

    5) All fights are conducted at the same time so noone has a “recovery Time” advantage/disadvantage

    6) After the first bracket, winners are shown with their consultants/trainers dissecting their strengths and weaknesses. They are then sent to another UFC fighter’s camp to train and work on their weaknesses. This training is documented.

    7) The winners are brought back for another round and all the fights occur at the same time. The team/camp sends a representative/trainer to be the cornerman. The process continues for another round.

    8) Eliminated fighters can be brought back for fights and to show improvement.

    9) Cash incentives should be known at all times, as well as a cash or sponsorship bonus in addition to the UFC contract.

    10) The live finale should have all of the fighters interviewed and asked for comments, especially when discussing a fighter that beat them.

    This is a more fighting/fighter lifestyle approach as opposed to a trite social interaction reality show.

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  • […] contest for the best idea to improve The Ultimate Fighter 7 will end tomorrow (Friday) at midnight. If you haven’t entered yet, please feel free to do so, […]

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  • William W. says:

    First, they should up the surprise and excitement factor of the finale. To do this, have the final episode air right before the finale. That way, you get to see who wins the semi-finals and then immediately watch them go at in in the finale after that.

    Second, allow the fans to interact and choose the fights on the finale. Once a fighter is eliminated, add them to a poll of potential match ups with other eliminated fighters. Whichever fights get the most votes by a certain date should be set up. It is not like the fighters need a lot of notice since they rarely get it on the show.

    Third, bring back some challenges with incentives for the fighters who win. I’m not talking about climbing on a jungle gym like season 1. How about having an amateur wrestling match and whoever gets the first three pinfalls wins. Then give that fighter the option of picking who they would like to fight.

    Finally, don’t let all the people who lost all of their matches run into the octagon to celebrate for their partners. It is just sad. :)

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  • Tom K says:

    I didn’t get a chance to go through everyone else’s ideas so if I repeated someone’s, I apologize.

    Everyone points out how Dana White doesn’t like Grand Prix Tournaments.

    Then what better way to sort out the UFC Lightweight division, then by having them on a season of TUF.

    Take guys like Tyson Griffin, Roger Huerta, Clay Guida, Marcus Aurelio, Frank Edgar, Spencer Fisher, Alvin Robinson, Thiago Tavares, Kenny Florian, Din Thomas (just to name some random ideas) and put them in the house.

    Make it kind of like TUF 4 with current fighters, only instead of “The Comeback” it wouldn’t be giving 2nd chances to guys — it would be to sort out the division.

    Put in 2 “coaches” like in TUF 4 like Randy Couture or even Matt Serra (since he’s apparently a pretty good coach) and then have random fighters come in each week and train with the fighters (Quenton Jackson, Matt Hughes, Anderson Silva, GSP, etc.)

    It could be set up with a bracket to get to a final on a PPV with a title shot against whoever is the champ once the Sherk/BJ Penn/Stevenson thing shakes out.

    You would need “teams” only to break them up into training partners, and then it could easily be decided by where people are in the bracket so they didn’t have to face each other rightaway.

    The UFC can even open up their checkbook and try to get a couple international guys like Gomi or Sakurai and introduce them to US fans. Diego Sanchez was talking about dropping down so this might be a good time for him to do so.

    It would be great because each week would have fights between experienced fighters and it would clear up the UFC Lightweight division.

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  • santoro7 says:

    Here goes ,
    1. house format has to stay
    2. more background on ALL the fighters , there were fighters I didnt even see on camera till it was there turn to fight! you could cover this with 1-2 episodes of no fights in the begining
    3.have weekly contests for the fighters with great rewards ( jewelry, clothes , trips , cars ) the further in the show the better the prize. keep all fighter involved in the contest regardless of there standing in the tournament
    4.have full time coachs who run the camps
    5. fianlly have famous stars both mma and non mma stop by the house . you could have comedians come by and do stand up , randy couture or jim brown doing a pep talk , roulan gardner coming in doing a seminar , have pam anderson take the boys out to dinner . this would keep non mma fans interested plus provide excellent hype for the comercials which all tv exec. love !

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  • SteveXtreme says:

    Someone mentioned American Idol earlier, but I want to elaborate further. I think the process of picking the fighters has to change. I’m not saying let America vote on who there favorite is… well actually that might not be bad either. But what I mean is the UFC needs to have a few audition episodes in some cities that are known for producing fighters, or where training camps are located. If they went to 4 or 5 cities and chose 15 or 20 established fighters from each city then narrowed it down to “the sweet sixteen” that would make for an overall better competition.

    As much as there is a need for middleweight opposition, I would like to see them bring back 2 weight classes competing. Middleweight and heavyweight.
    Then you can have heavy hitters going one week and lighter faster fighters going at it the next.

    My last suggestion is about the coaches. They need to utilize the system from “The Comeback” season. Have alternating professional fighters training these new up and comers, but don’t limit it to just fighters. Include pro trainers as well, and maybe the occaisonal celebrity appearance i.e.
    Joe Rogan, Kevin James, Jenna Jamison….(kidding).
    Sorry for ranting but this was a great contest and a great site.

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  • drdanders says:

    Have a Grand Prix tourney (like Pride used to do) with guys who are already in the UFC. The tourney would be weight class specific with 1 or 2 weight classes. (I would love an open weight tourney but the NSAC would never allow it) No belts would be on the line (they werent in Pride) The dead air space which Spike TV occupies by showing drunken idiots, could be replaced by profiling each fighter (like they did in the Rickson Gracie documentary).

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  • D Gotti says:

    1. TUF should make the coaches live in the house w/ the fighters
    2. The fighters should all have the same level of experience or 5 fight min
    3. Web cast that puppy 24×7
    4. Let the fans choose the fights
    5. Go back to having challenges
    6. Let the fans choose the coaches
    7. Focus more on the fighters show some of their previous fights
    8. Get Joe Silvas input on the match ups
    9. Bring back some of last years contestants and have them give their insight to the new contestant on how to deal w/ the stress and boredom
    10. Give them a free day and show them in a casino or something or UFC event

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  • chico says:

    Instead of having everyone in a filmed series, just have a tournament fight every week live on Spike. The first week would be Monday through Thursday with two fights a night, the next week be the same but with one fight a night, and so on and so on. Pair each fighter with one of their training partners that are already stars in the UFC and show them training and stuff for the first half hour. Just an example: Erik Apple can have Chuck with him, Jay Hieron can have Randy etc. etc.

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  • CA says:

    Have a TUf old timer and crown them the Old school champ or something how funny would it be to see these guys living together
    Have fighters like
    K Shamrock

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  • fightgirl says:

    1-I like the idea a couple guys came up with a house of comeback fighters, but, also, have a house like now at the same time. Do one fight a week from each house.
    2-The coaches stay with their house!
    3-Show more training.
    4-Show way less commercials.

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  • J.S. Camp says:

    1) All new fighters. No comeback guys. It already happened. Serra won the championship. You can NOT improve on those results in any way. No one really wants to see past-losers who already had a shot to make a name for themselves. It has to be fresh new faces.

    1)Eliminate the house-format completely. It’s stale and will lead to the inevitable house fighting. With 10 or so 20something fighters and free booze, it’s a recipe for the unavoidable conclusion.

    2)12 guys total. It should be a documentary type each week profiling different fighters from amongst the various UFC camps (Jackson, American F, etc). Profile the training, diet, family, and personal backgrounds. the fighters wives/girlfriends and immediate families. It should make you appeal to the fighters on a personal level. Exactly what the UFC wants to create from the format of the Ultimate Fighter. The instant superstar that people actually want to see fight.

    3) Format of rough show:
    0-15 minute – introduction to the two guys. where they’re from/married/kids/where they train/WHY THEY CHOSE THAT PARTICULAR GYM!
    16-30 minute – Training methods. We can see the gyms methods of training and how each guy’s training differ. To compare to this year – why is Richie Hightower a striker, and why is Matt Arroyo a jiu-jitsu specialist.
    31-40th minute – Demonstrating moves the viewers. a how-to per se. each fighter could teach a different submission or striking technique to the viewing audience and show how to move properly and effectively- – similar to the Human Weapon Format
    41st-60 minute – The fight each week where the guys meet up in the same gym under the same roof for the first time. Meeting for the first time would add an element of electricity to the atmosphere with THEIR ACTUAL COACHES/training partners cornering them.

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  • NickRE says:


    read your idea and have a question for ya
    how are you going to run through a tournament and end up with an eventual winner with 12 contestants?

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  • j.S. camp says:

    12 guys to start. each fighting one other guy at the end of the show. they fly in from their respective gym to the UFC gym used in the current TUF for the fight at the end of each episode. when you think about it, the cost structure for UFC is quite beneficial as well. Essentially, you’re only out of pocket costs are camera crew (which they currently pay) and flights/hotel for one or two nights. Instead of the rigging of the house with cameras and the costs of maintenance/food/etc to house these guys during the entire duration. In my opinion, it’s a winner for both the fighters to be able to train in their current gym and live at home. We REALLY GET TO SEE directly what they’ve left behind when they talk about fighting for the children or family, etc.

    Sorry to ramble, but wanted to get that in. In response to your question regarding the tournament structure – here it goes……
    12 guys – 1 fight at end of each episode. Fight is taped at UFC gym (same as current one used)
    Week 1 = fighter 1 vs fighter 2
    week 2 = fighter 3 vs fighter 4
    week 3 = fighter 5 vs fighter 6
    week 4 = fighter 7 vs fighter 8
    week 5 = fighter 9 vs fighter 10
    week 6 = fighter 11 vs fighter 12
    week 7 = winner week 1 vs week 2 AND winner of week 3 vs week 4.
    (two fights since we don’t need another background profile on all of these guys. there’s extra tv time to fill)
    week 8 = Winner week 5 vs Winner week 6. BONUS at end is WHAT LOSING FIGHTERS have improved upon or how they have adjusted their training after thier losses. i.e. wrestling skills, jiu jitsu, where they were week, and what they’ve done to improve it. Then….instead of undercard fights the public will never see anyhow, have the MOST IMPROVED LOSERS according to Dana White fight as the second fight of the night as a reward for their dedication. It will add a “Dana White cares about his fighters” element which he could desperately use to help his image instead of his usual coming off as a difficult person

    Week 8 Saturday Night = LIVE FINALE. Same structure. Winners fight. Another decent main event – something like:
    Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koshcheck rematch. A fight people will care about but not featuring A-Listers that you could use for a real PPV buy rate. a

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  • j.S. camp says:

    12 guys to start. each fighting one other guy at the end of the show. they fly in from their respective gym to the UFC gym used in the current TUF for the fight at the end of each episode. when you think about it, the cost structure for UFC is quite beneficial as well. Essentially, you’re only out of pocket costs are camera crew (which they currently pay) and flights/hotel for one or two nights. Instead of the rigging of the house with cameras and the costs of maintenance/food/etc to house these guys during the entire duration. In my opinion, it’s a winner for both the fighters to be able to train in their current gym and live at home. We REALLY GET TO SEE directly what they’ve left behind when they talk about fighting for the children or family, etc.

    Sorry to ramble, but wanted to get that in. In response to your question regarding the tournament structure – here it goes……
    12 guys – 1 fight at end of each episode. Fight is taped at UFC gym (same as current one used)
    Week 1 = fighter 1 vs fighter 2
    week 2 = fighter 3 vs fighter 4
    week 3 = fighter 5 vs fighter 6
    week 4 = fighter 7 vs fighter 8
    week 5 = fighter 9 vs fighter 10
    week 6 = fighter 11 vs fighter 12
    week 7 = winner week 1 vs week 2 AND winner of week 3 vs week 4.
    (two fights since we don’t need another background profile on all of these guys. there’s extra tv time to fill)
    week 8 = Winner week 5 vs Winner week 6. BONUS at end is WHAT LOSING FIGHTERS have improved upon or how they have adjusted their training after thier losses. i.e. wrestling skills, jiu jitsu, where they were week, and what they’ve done to improve it. Then….instead of undercard fights the public will never see anyhow, have the MOST IMPROVED LOSERS according to Dana White fight as the second fight of the night as a reward for their dedication. It will add a “Dana White cares about his fighters” element which he could desperately use to help his image instead of his usual coming off as a difficult person

    Week 8 Saturday Night = LIVE FINALE. Same structure. Winners fight. Another decent main event – something like:
    Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koshcheck rematch. A fight people will care about but not featuring A-Listers that you could use for a real PPV buy rate.

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  • j.S. camp says:

    sorry for the double posting. accidental. dont know how/if i could delete the repeated post

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  • j.S. camp says:

    1 more quick point.
    Winner HAS to have a UFC contract. It can not just be for a cash prize. Why should they use their marketing savy and tv time to promote someone who can become a free agent after winning “their show” TUF. Why promote someone to become a free agent, only making the fighter more personally valuable, with the UFC’s TV time. Essentially you’re creating a free agent with a recognizable name for someone like SSPE or IFL to sign — aiding the competition you already have on the ropes. Possibly, the worst business decision possible……Well, that or having Rashad Evans vs Bisping as a PPV main event in the NYC market. wait – they did that, already……

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  • […] contest for the best idea to improve The Ultimate Fighter 7 will end TONIGHT, Friday, December 7th at midnight! If you haven’t entered yet, please feel […]

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  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Get rid of the teams coached by two fighters. Have UFC fighters coach the entire group for a week or so, each coach bringing his team with him. This would showcase more fighters, and also the skills and techniques of their trainers who otherwise don’t get much publicity. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch the trainers who have helped make fighters like Liddel, Rampage, Hughes, etc.? The focus of the show could expand to show the training sessions and not just the drama in the house. Instead of having fighters from two opposing teams square off, it could be luck of the draw, or even have Dana and the UFC matchmaker choose the match up of the week based on their analysis with input from the coach and team, who have worked with all fighters

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  • Nigel S. Ewing says:

    The best way to spice up the show would be send these guys to fight camps (i.e. Militech, Brazilian Top Team, Ceaser Gracie) it would add to the atmosphere and would display sevral top fighters training them. Also have them train for a month and then bring them to Las Vegas for the fights, thus showing us the training first, the fights in the latter half show we can learn about the fighters before we get to the fights. It would definetly give a different perspective and allow the audience to get to know the fighters and care instead of just tossing them out there.

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  • Timmy says:

    1.)Show more about the fighters.

    At various points throughout the season a fighter will have his turn to fight and I won’t know anything about him. If these are the future stars of the UFC, show me a little about them. Send camera crews to their houses before filming of the show starts so I can get a glimpse of their family life and see what they are fighting for. That would allow the audience be able to relate with the fighters and make them more personable.

    2.) Stop picking bad fighters to be on the show.

    The first few fights are always so bad because its the best vs the worst. I would like to see completive fights every week. On the first episode it usually pretty easy to see what guys were picked just because they had a good personality. I would rather see a decent fight every week then someone who is good on T.V..

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  • Brenner says:

    Ok, I haven’t had a chance to read all of the suggestions yet, so I apologize if I take someone’s idea. I think they should try three teams of 6 fighters. Same format as now were the winner picks the fight. But now it adds a new element. So Coach A can decide to but a fighter from B team against a fighter from C team. I know it would require more big names which translates to more money but I think it would provide a new twist. Just imagine the light heavyweights: Team Liddel/Team Jackson/Team Silvia

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  • mma blaster says:

    1. Pick the 8 top US fighters you can find, and at least 2 guys from Brazil, 2 guys from Japan/Asia, 2 guys from Europe and 2 guys from Russia to add a more international flavor to the show. Lets face it the bottom 8 guys from the US usually aren’t on the level as the top 8, and there is alot of untapped foreign talent.

    2. Pick fighters that have at least 4 pro wins and check it on a internet fighter database. Too many young inexperienced fighters.

    3. Keep the two coach system, but have an incentive system to boost drama. Award each member on the team a $500-1000 bonus any time someone from their team wins. This will keep fighters training, especially to help themselves win more money.

    4. Seed the fighters in the tournament as soon as they are picked. The first guy picked from (Team Serra) gets a #1 seed, #2 picked (Team Hughes) gets the #2 seed all the way down to #16. That way you have 16 person bracket (like highschool wrestling). You can market the bracket like the NCAA tournament. This will also help fighters train for their bouts and manage weight. First round you are guaranteed not to fight a fighter in the same team.

    5. Show more training – some of the best footage this year have been glimpses of Serra’s and Hughes’ training.

    6. Let the fighters get something from home if they win. Or see webcast of their kids/girlfriend/parents for a couple minutes. (Boost drama and boosts morale of the fighter).

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  • mo says:

    This wouldn’t work well for TUF 7, but maybe for TUF 8 they could have seasons compete against eachother. Maybe take the best 8 welterweights and middleweights from TUF 1, and have them go against 8 guys from TUF 6 and 8 middleweights from TUF 7. i think they had everyone fight at light heavyweight in TUF 1 so maybe we can throw that out, but so something like that.

    but i would like to reiterate a thanks for doing this. I was impressed with a lot of the solid ideas proposed here, and proposing it in the form of a contest makes it much more fun. thanks

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  • Psykojojo says:

    First, they need to get out of vegas. I say take them out of the manson where they are living it up like fat rats and put them in a cabin with friggin bunks. Have them spar in a barn! Thats right, I don’t want to see pools, jacuzzis and a tropical themed backyards with waterfalls and plastic flamingos. I want them to rough it because they want to be there and they are men. They aren’t there to chill in a pool and play foosball. And no state of the art gym, I want raining facilities in the yard and barn, no more shuttles and no more excuses for not showing up to practice.

    I hate all the bs drama in the recent seasons, I want to see more of the teams and coachs training and not whats happening with Mac’s birdfeeder or some dude shadowboxing with his dong out infront of a mirror…..well ok that was funny. I’m all for some drama and acouple good laughs, but I don’t need the first half of the season focusing on a guy who doesn’t want to be there and his struggles with poontang withdrawl, I don’t really care about this pussweed ‘missing his girl’, when I’m getting ready to watch the show with my beer and sourdough pretzles, I don’t want the first damn thing I hear is some asspirate crying about a girl. What I do want is for the coach to kick the punk out and bring a real man in. Even my wife, a fan of the absolutly vile lifetime channel (and a big fan of MMA) hates all the damn whining on the show

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  • Brandt says:

    Allow the fighters to get out of the house to participate in events that focus around MMA training – mentally and physically.

    Have the fighters compete in local 10k runs, local weight lifting competitions, or with local jiu-jitsu schools to help teach kids.

    Have the fighters work with the city to provide training for schoolchildren and offer and anti-bullying seminars.

    Also let them work some community service.

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  • Ant says:

    1. Use MMA trainers as coaches and have the fighters relocate and train fulltime at their respective gyms. Juanito Ibarra vs Randy Couture could be the next TUF series, with Rampage Jackson, Cheick Kongo, and Michael Bisping would server as Juanito’s assistance / fighter’s training partners, and Xtreme Couture would have Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonner and Wanderlei Silva helping out Randy Couture. This will take the show into well known gyms that have a number of UFC fighters that would be feature on the show. Currently, the season mainly has a UFC coach and occasional guest coaches. But by going into these gyms, you have a chance of having seeing a lot more UFC fighters helping out, getting camera time and exposure. Tyson Griffin is one that could be exposed on the new TUF format without having to actually be a TUF fighter (since he’s already past that point as a fighter), but by being a part of Xtreme Couture and helping out as a training partner for the aspiring TUF fighters.

    The undertone of Juanito Ibarra vs. Randy Couture could be a Rampage Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin (or Wanderlei Silva) fight that’s planned at the time. This will also introduce casual fans to the MMA trainers / stables of Team Quest, Xtreme Couture, MFS, Caeser Gracie’s School, Chute Box, Black House, etc. So when a casual fan is watching a UFC fight with an unknown fighter, if they see Greg Jackson or Pat Miletich in their corner, it would give them something to identify with the fighter. If they like Rampage Jackson and knowing the Juanito Ibarra connection, they might root for a Juanito Ibarra-trained fighter.

    2. Get rid of the house. Showing aspiring professional fighters drinking and trashing the house, pooping in the upperdeck of the toilet, etc, is not a good way to portay MMA fighters. The show should mainly focus on the professionalism and dedication it takes to be an MMA fighter. It seems the house has a way or showing the worst side of the fighters, mainly because it takes the fighters away from their families/friends with no connection to the outside world and makes them live in a house with 15 other fighters. It doesn’t accurately portray how the fighters really are. I don’t think we need to know the fighters on the level TUF currently portrays them in order to like the fighters. For example, I used to like Mac Danzig before I saw TUF 6. But I also love Anderson Silva, who never was on TUF, but all I got to know about him was through his fighting style, and his humble personality through pre/post fight interviews. TUF should concentrate on building a fighter’s identity through this as well as training regiment rather than their lifestyle in a confined reality TV house.

    3. Put fights on live once a month. The show would have to be put together more in a real-time basis so it’ll track the fighters training and preparing for their fights as we move towards the fight. UFC PPV fights are generally once a month now, and UFC Fight Nights are sporadic throughout the year. UFC Fight Nights on Spike should be made once a month as well. Therefore, TUF first round, quarterfinals, and semifinals would need to take place on these cards. 8 fights take place in the first round, so 4 of them could take place on a UFC Fight Night live on Spike TV, and the other 4 could take place on the preliminary fight card on a UFC PPV fight. Quarterfinals would only have 4 fights, so 2 on a Fight Night card, 2 on a UFC PPV card. This would introduce the fighters live to the fans, help sell PPV cards, and build excitement to TUF. If a non TUF fan is watching them fight on a UFC Fight Night card as a TUF quarterfinals fight, it would help draw them to watch TUF if they see a fighter they like. Making the fights go live during the season of TUF will make it sustain excitement throughout the season. It’s a big diference watching a fight live vs an exhibition fight that took place months ago in the UFC training center.

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  • bubbafat says:

    I’d like to see Miletich, Jackson, Sperry, Follis, Crazy Bob, Hackleman,etc… get involved with the show. These guys are the ones who are seriously training past present and future champ’s.Get them to work in tandem with whoever they bring in as active fighter
    Make the active fighter coaches fight for contention at the end of the season instead of fighting for a title. Obviously Hendo’s fighting Anderson Silva so they are not possible. But I’m sure the UFC can come up with something. Maybe that could be the next stage of a contest.
    Location, location, location. I can’t believe I’m saying this , but, aren’t they making Vegas seem a little boring. Change it up. Go high altitude or something.
    Absolutely no rookies or amateurs. If they’ve only got a couple of MMA fights they better have at least another dozen Muay Thai bouts, or grappling matches with some descent Bowman, Thacker etc…
    Get rid of the team aspect. I don’t want to watch an MMA show where they throw a bunch of alpha males in the same house to see what kinda shit happens. I want to see training, sparring, rolling(way more of it at least).
    Last but not least, I want to measure these guys skills myself(through observation not practice), Instead of these cheese bowling matches, ping pong games, and billiards, let’s see a grappling tourny among the guy’s.
    Just throwin’ it out there, I’m pretty sure they like their format the way it is, I just wanna see fights not drama.

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  • Eric says:

    -16 people in the house
    -8 that have previously competed in the UFC and had little to no success but have potential (like season 4’s competitors)
    -8 that have never competed in the UFC, but have the experience and knowledge to hold their own (These people should be outstanding; the best of the best. True heavyweights should be selected, not fighters that will drop down to light heavyweight once the show ends,)
    -The 16 fighters are heavyweights (I know middleweight is also thin, but look at the heavyweight division, it isn’t much better)
    -I would have the 2 coaches be Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia. This would eventually lead to a match when the season is over between the 2 coaches. Randy, obviously, would need to be lured back with a truckload of cash. Everybody has a price. The UFC needs to find his price and get him back. I think the payoff of seeing Sylvia fight Couture and potentially lose again will be enough of a draw to lure viewers in. It would be Couture’s first fight back and he would be defending his title against the interim champ Sylvia (if Sylvia wins in February) or against ‘Tim Sylvia heavyweight title contender’ (Big Nog would be the interim champ in this scenario). Tim Sylvia is one of the most hated fighters in the UFC and I think people will watch the show to eventually see him fail. It obviously wouldn’t be built up for Sylvia to fail, but it can be played off that he was injured the first time and he wants to take back his belt from Randy. If he has the right promos, Sylvia can be built up as a huge heel.
    -The challenges should be brought back. It seems like some of the shows drag on a bit with all the whining and in-fighting, but if you inserted a challenge every episode it would break up the monotony.
    -I would have the format change a bit. Couture would coach the 8 veteran fighters and Sylvia would coach the 8 newbies. On the first show, everyone would pick a number, 1 through 8 and they would be seeded on either side of a 16-man bracket. New guys would only fight veterans.
    -Having them seeded and knowing who they will fight in advance would allow the fighters to develop a gameplan for their upcoming opponent with more of a notice. This would be a disadvantage for the veterans, since they probably have not seen the newbies fight before, but that would be evened out since they would have more of an advantage fighting in the cage more often than the new fighters.
    -If a newbie makes it to the finals, he has made a name for himself and battled through a handful of veterans to get there. If a veteran makes it, he has won some fights and proven that he still belongs in the UFC.
    -The top prize would be a large sum of up front guaranteed money in addition to the regular contract.

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  • Adam Morgan says:

    This contest is now officially closed! Thanks for all who participated, we had a HUGE turnout! Can’t thank you guys enough for the well thought out answers and we will announce a winner on Monday.

    Thanks again from all of us at 5 Oz!

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  • Ben says:

    01. Have Dana pick the fighters and coaches.

    02. Each coach gets a house in Vegas.

    03. Silva ranks them in an NCAA basketball style bracket.

    04. Coin toss (like the Ortiz-Shamrock coin). Winner gets the “favored fighters” in the bracket by number rank they can’t choose the underdogs even if they want them.

    05. Fighter’s move into their coaches’ houses for the preliminary training phase. They live by their coaches’ rules. Rules will probably differ based on the coaches.

    06. Train for a week (or two).

    07. All preliminary fights on same day of filming (not same episode).

    08. Repeat cointoss, but include the winning coach gets first pick of eliminated fighters to use as training partners, loser gets second, winner gets 3rd, etc.

    09. Fighters switch houses if necessary.

    10. Train for a week or two.

    11. Quarterfinals filmed all on the same day.

    12. Coin toss/ team reconfigs

    13. Train for a week or two.

    14. Semis both filmed on the same day.

    15. The normal take a break before the finale deal.

    This way, team loyalties would be somewhat switched up every so often, giving the viewers that aren’t that into MMA some dramatic bs to watch when the teams get “shook up” every couple of episodes.

    The fighters would get a chance to learn from each coach, and the “pick the fights” crap would go away. We’d get a better chance to gauge who was the better coach.

    This structure would also pay homage to the UFC’s origins as a tournament, which would also increase the liklihood of the best two fighters matching up in the finals, not the preliminaries.

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  • nice article…

    nice article…

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  • Cathedron says:

    Take a documentary approach for the first few shows and follow some recruiters from the UFC as they check out feeder promotions for new talent.

    The next few shows, pick sixteen guys and have them fight each other to see which eight deserve to go on while the coaches and trainers take notes and talk shit to each other or whatever hype they need to do.

    Then switch to the guys getting divided up between two training camps (either existing or put together by a specific fighter for the show). Having only eight fighters at this point means we can get to know each one individually and also can see exactly what they are trying to improve. There will be no house, they can call home every day (while the viewers listen in), and can even be visited by friends and family who will be interviewed to give us a deeper look into each fighter. Constantly check with the trainers and coaches as to what they are working on as well.

    Meanwhile, the eight who lost are fighting to earn the two alternate positions. This allows for at least one fight every episode during the training camp shows. These alternate fights would be very interesting as all of the fighters know it’s their last chance.

    For the last few shows, it’s mainly just an eight man tournament (with the two alternates fighting for a guaranteed bout on the live finale if they haven’t had to replace anyone at this point).

    The final show would be a live Fight Night event just like they do now.

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