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Highlights from Sean Sherk on the Stephen Quadros Show

Highlights from Sean Sherk on today’s Stephen Quadros Show:

  • Sherk said he plans to continue to the fight the suspension. Said he doesn’t care how much money or time it takes.
  • He said he’s eligible to come back on January 5th, just two weeks before BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson fight for the interim title.
  • Said it doesn’t make sense for him to be eligible to fight and then have two guys fight for an interim title.
  • Said he still has to see where he stands with the UFC on whether they strip his title or not.
  • Said there were all kinds of problems with the drug testing, from chain of custody issues to specimen transportation issues. Sounds a lot like what was going on with Baroni’s case at the time.
  • Said his research on Nandrolone shows that urinalysis is the worst way to test for the steroid.
  • Feels that he is still 100% innocent.
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  • Jersey Tomato says:

    ‘Bout time the Muscle Shark ‘fessed up. You got caught. Take it like a man and get off the juice once and for all. Go ahead and blame it on supplements or whatever, but quit professing your innocence. With your missing neck, you are about as believable as Marion Jones.

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  • Johnny P. says:

    regardless of urinalysis being the best or worst way to test for Nandrolone, somehow very few fighters are found to have Nandrolone in their systems, and certainly not 3 to 4 times the amount they should in the body, and yet Sherk was found to have this. Also, there is a reason two men are fighting for the title 2 weeks after you come off of suspension, Mr. Sherk. It’s because you were on suspension for steroids, and guys on steroids get stripped of titles, and therefore you should not be and hopefully won’t be the UFC lightweight champion. That precedent was set years ago and should continue for the sake of the sports, and UFC’s, credibility.

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  • Urinalysis has been proven to have flaws in the Nandrolone testing. Specifically, urine instability can occur, but there has never been a documented case where urine instability caused the level to boom to 12 ng/mL. Even 6 ng/mL is a huge boost, a ridiculous boost. I don’t see how his argument has any validity in that nature.

    There are various studies, studies I’ve pointed out in past articles, and I’ve never came across a case suggesting such a huge level.

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  • jjdnb says:

    I got a speeding ticket the other day cuz i was speeding. But i feel 100% innocent, so i know how he feels…

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