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Highlights from Sean Sherk on the Stephen Quadros Show

Highlights from Sean Sherk on today’s Stephen Quadros Show:

  • Sherk said he plans to continue to the fight the suspension. Said he doesn’t care how much money or time it takes.
  • He said he’s eligible to come back on January 5th, just two weeks before BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson fight for the interim title.
  • Said it doesn’t make sense for him to be eligible to fight and then have two guys fight for an interim title.
  • Said he still has to see where he stands with the UFC on whether they strip his title or not.
  • Said there were all kinds of problems with the drug testing, from chain of custody issues to specimen transportation issues. Sounds a lot like what was going on with Baroni’s case at the time.
  • Said his research on Nandrolone shows that urinalysis is the worst way to test for the steroid.
  • Feels that he is still 100% innocent.

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