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George Sotiropoulous: “I didn’t know I had 5 minutes to recover”

On a video interview with TUF 6 semi-finalist George Sotiropoulous on, the Australian states that he was unaware that he had 5 minutes to recover from the accidental poke in the eye he suffered from Tommy Speer.

Favoured to make it to the final and fight Mac Danzig, Sotiropoulous was instead knocked down and then pounded out in the first round of his semi final matchup. In the video interview conducted by post fight the Team Serra fighter states how after he sufferred the poke in the eye he was seeing double vision.

He goes on to state how he tried to stop the double vision by closing his injured left eye, but at the same time he was met with a thunderous right hand from his opponent which dropped him to the mat, where he was eventually finished.

George Sotiropoulous is now scheduled to fight on the main card of the TUF 6 finale against Billy Miles who was submitted by John Kolosci in the first round of the Ultimate Fighter competition.


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