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Is Matt Hughes a good role model?

Matt Hughes was a guest on Steve Cofield’s sports talk show in Las Vegas on Fox Sports Radio 1460 the other day and discussed his experience on this past season of The Ultimate Fighter.

At one point, Cofield asked Hughes if what he saw of Matt Serra during the airing of the show changed his viewpoint of him:

“I definitely know who he is now. I didn’t know he was such a bad guy,” said Hughes. “Is he somebody that you’re going to let your kids watch? I just think he’s a bad role model. I want my kids to look at me. Do what I do, say what I say. I don’t think Matt Serra can do that with his kids.”

It’s this type of hypocrisy that has caused me to lose a lot of respect for Hughes. When Hughes takes this stance he implies that he is also a suitable role model. Every parent has to make their own decisions about their children but as a father of an eight-year old, I would not want my son to emulate certain qualities that Hughes embodies.

Hughes works hard, has never quit in a fight, and is successful in his craft. Those are attributes I’d like for my son to possess. However, my son is enrolled in jiu-jitsu classes and I would hope he would never display the physical disregard of a training partner that Hughes showed against Dan Barrera just prior to Barrera’s fight vs. Ben Saunders.

I’d also hope that my son never develops the same arrogant attitude that Hughes demonstrated during the past season of TUF. I’d like my son to be humble and show his peers respect and treat them as equals. If he carries the ego that Hughes has, he’ll find it tough to make friends at his elementary school and might not be allowed to train at the BJJ school where he’s currently enrolled.

My point is that Hughes needs to stop passing judgment on others and needs to analyze certain aspects of his own behavior. He’s far from perfect.

There’s also another interesting exchange during the interview that I decided to transcribe on my own. At the end of the interview, Cofield asked Hughes about Serra’s back injury:

Steve Cofield: What do you think of his injury? I heard you make some comments on it. He’s got some herniated disks.

Matt Hughes: Actually, I’ve not made any comments on it. I’ve had back problems myself. I’ve got three bulged disks that I had to take care of, so I know that there’s a tremendous amount of pain. Honestly, he needs to get well and it could take years, to be honest. Herniated disks are a bad thing. If he’s got two herniated disks, then he shouldn’t be fighting. He should probably be in a wheel chair, to be honest, because it is bad.

First, if Hughes insists he’s never commented about Serra’s injury, he might want to click here and talk to whoever is in charge of and ask them who issued the statement.

Second, I will give Hughes some credit for now showing respect towards Serra and his current condition.

Click here to listen to the complete interview.

I am also curious to hear everyone’s thoughts as to whether they believe Hughes is a good role model for children?

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