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Best Idea To Improve TUF 7 Winner Announced!

First off, I want to extend a huge thank you to all of the people who submitted entries for this contest. There were so many to choose from that it was hard to finally pick a winner. I know that sounds like a bunch of BS, but that’s the honest truth. I can’t thank you guys enough for the amount of feedback we received on the contest and we definitely plan on doing more contests in the future due to the huge amount of support we’ve received on the contests so far.

Without further adieu, however, I would like to announce the winner of the “Beast Idea To Improve TUF 7 Contest” as Young Duby! Here’s what Young Duby wrote:

Steal a page from the Contender and bring the fighters’ wives and kids to the actual fight. The show is lacking anything we might consider of “the human element”. If the wives, girlfriends, parents, kids show up before the fight, it adds drama and gives us more reactions to cut to. Something really dramatic about seeing the face of a guy’s kid or father watching the fight.

Also, perhaps there could be some kind of reward for winning the fight ala Survivor. A reward could get the winner of a fight plus a friend of his choosing out of the house for a segment of an episode. Would be pretty cool and add even a slight incentive. Examples: “A night out on the town with Rampage or Chuck”. “A visit to a Live UFC event”. “A private Training Session at Randy Couture’s Gym”. “A commerical spot with a sponsor” (need better sponsors :) ) “A Night of Sex with the Girlfriend (or a ringcard girl”.) Etc. Just add more life to the damn thing and get the winner and a chosen companion out of the house. Breeds jealousy and gives the audience some different views of the fighters outside the cramped environment.

Foreign fighters. Of course they’d need to have some English, but c’mon, that’s not too difficult to find. Call it TUF: Clash of Nations. And with that bring in some real backstory that is shot before the fighters come to the house. Do a day of shooting with each fighter in their home country, preparing ala BloodSport. See the family and get some interviews and better view of who these people are.

Too many more too count. Show needs a major facelift, not just a move to Miami for some exterior shots of palm trees and bikini clad biznitches.

Now gimme my shirt, Sam! J/K

And no, he didn’t win because he demanded a shirt. Congrats, Young Duby, we’ll be e-mailing you with details! Again, thanks a ton to those who participated. We’ll have more contests like this down the road, so be sure to keep checking back here at Five Ounces of Pain for more contests as well as your latest MMA insider news and information. Also, a big thanks goes out to Ring & Cage Clothing Company for providing us with the free gear!

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