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Links for UFC story on CNBC

“Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time” aired on CNBC last night. I was unable to watch it and forgot to DVR it, but it appears most of the special is available through video clips on

Below are active links (click to view) to the various segments:

1. Fight Night (Dana White)

2. Barbaric Beginnings (Rorion Gracie; my favorite segment)

3. A Fighter’s Story (Rich Franklin)

4. Ultimate Marketing (TapouT)

5. Ultimate Fighting vs. Boxing

6. White on How it Began

7. TapouT (Mask talks about origins of company)

8. Lorenzo Fertitta (Talks about his love for boxing and martial arts)

9. Rorian Gracie (talks more about first UFC event)

10. More Dana White

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