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More details regarding the death of Ryan Gracie

Sherdog has more details regarding the death of Ryan Gracie. When Ryan was imprisoned, the doctor gave him several different drugs, including the following: Haldol (a powerful antipsychotic), Fenergan (which has a side effect of sleepiness), Topamax (for Migraines), Dienpax (tranquilizers), and OmniPlex (relaxant).

Now Ryan’s family is wondering if the doctor and his mix of narcotics are what ultimately led to Ryan’s untimely death:

“Doctor Sabino is crazy, a murderer,” Flávia Gracie, sister of the fighter, said in statements to the Brazilian press. “I told him to stop giving medicine to my brother. He said it was to prevent Ryan from being aggressive at the station. I argued that too much medicine would hurt, and the doctor replied that any remedy hurt, even aspirin.”

“Ryan, although wrong, had to be arrested and charged for crimes,” said Robson Gracie, Ryan’s father. “But his death is another thing. I will inquire about that quack doctor.”

The doctor, however, claims it wasn’t his medicine that killed Ryan:

“As I told a colleague, the dose that was applied was so little,” he said. “I have the greatest regret for what happened, but I fought against this with all I know.”

There are some other details in the report, such as the question of why Ryan was not taken to a hospital after being under the influence of several drugs and had taken blows to the head, as well as the fact that a report on the cause of death should be available in roughly 30 days. Click here for the full report.

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