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Pat Miletich on TUF 5’s Corey Hill

Apparently MFS is where Corey Hill is now training and Miletich speaks quite highly of him:

IGN: Who do you think is the fighter in your camp that’s off most MMA fans’ radar screens, but has the most potential for future success?

Pat: Corey Hill.

IGN: Oh, from Ultimate Fighter…

Pat: Well, you know, he wasn’t 100% truthful to get on the show, so he went in there absolutely knowing nothing about Jens Pulver or me or Jeremy Horn. It’s funny because Corey Hill looks at me now and says “You were a World Champion?” And I say “Yeah, I held the title for three, three and a half years”, and he says “No kidding.” He doesn’t know a lot about the sport, but his boxing, kicking, his submission stuff, his positional stuff, he’s working on all that, and his wrestling ability and his ability to take people down when he wants to do is unreal. I don’t know any 155-pounders out there who could take him down.

IGN: Really? Not even Sean Sherk?

Pat: Sean Sherk would have a lot of real trouble taking down Corey Hill, mark my words.

IGN: Wow.

Pat: There are wrestlers that are tough and ready for this sport, and he’s one of the best. He’s a rottweiler. No one else has that body type. He’s got wide shoulders and a waist like my wife’s.

“…a waist like my wife.” Classic. It will be interesting to see the evolution of Corey Hill. We haven’t seen him since the show and he didn’t get a chance to fight on the finale due to injury. His bout coming up at UFC Fight Night 12 in January against Joe Veres should be a good chance to see just how far he’s come.


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