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More on Mayweather and MMA

Other outlets have picked up on’s story from yesterday that Floyd Mayweather is interested in possibly working with Mark Cuban and getting involved with MMA.

“It would be huge,” Cuban is quoted as saying in a new article furnished by the Associated Press. “He’s an icon in boxing. He’s conquered that world. He is the champ and he wants to be the biggest grossing all-time champ as well. … Having him work with MMA and HDNet Fights would be huge. It would take it to a whole other level.”

Cuban and Mayweather bonded recently during this past season’s “Dancing with the Stars” reality TV show on ABC. Cuban was even a part of Mayweather’s entourage for the recent Ricky Hatton fight.

So how did their friendship progress to Cuban pitching Mayweather on MMA?

“We discussed him coming out to some of the gyms and one hand helping some of the fighters we’re working with on their boxing skills,” Cuban is quoted as saying. “And on the flip side, he can get a sense of what it’s going to take to make the conversion.”

This reeks of nothing more than a P.R. stunt to me but Mayweather is more than welcome to prove me wrong. His involvement would no doubt be great for the sport. I just don’t think it would be great for his career. He can make much more boxing than he ever could in MMA.

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