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Nick Thompson: Eddie Alvarez told Bodog his “head wasn’t in the right place.”

Looks like we’ll never get to see a rematch between current Bodog welterweight champion Nick “The Goat” Thompson and former champion Eddie Alvarez. The fight was pushed back a few weeks ago and now it looks like it’s been informally canceled altogether according to a post by Thompson on the Underground Forum:

Alvarez told Bodog that his head wasn’t in the right place and he wasn’t going to fight. So he is out and I will be fighting John Troyer instead. Troyer is 7-0 and the Hook n’ Shoot champ.

The first fight between Alvarez and Thompson was fairly lopsided and a rematch would probably be more of the same. Eddie doesn’t belong in the 170 class, especially against a guy like Thompson who is physically much larger than him. Who knows the reasons for Eddie’s head not being in the right place, but one thing’s for sure: a rematch with Thompson wouldn’t have boded well.

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