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Sokoudjou’s family has no idea he’s an MMA fighter

From an interview with Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports:

But the 23-year old’s parents back home in Cameroon thought their son was studying computer science in San Diego.

“Yeah, my parents, they don’t know,” the man dubbed “The African Assassin” said. “They think I’m in college and maybe training in judo on the side, just for fun. My family places a high value on education. All of my brothers went to college. I’m going to get my degree, I’ve just had other things happen.”

One thing’s for sure. If Sokoudjou continues on his hot streak, the news seems destined to filter back to Cameroon. “They’ll find out about it eventually,” a laughing Sokoudjou said. “You can go ahead and write about it, as long as you don’t write it in French. I promise my family I’m going to go back and get my degree as soon as I get a chance.”

That’s pretty wild business. Sokoudjou has a bright future in the sport but it’s still good to hear that he’s going to get his degree as something to fall back on.

  • steve24 says:

    Much respect to Soko. I have a feeling he will make plenty more money in MMA than working behind a desk with a degree.

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  • jaydog says:

    Huerta put together a streak of wins and is now saying that he’s taking a break to finish up his degree. Maybe Sokoudjou can get a few exciting fights in between now and the Fall and take classes starting in September. That’s my prediction. Since he’s at LHW, he won’t be able to fight for the title anytime soon, anyhow. Again, similar to Huerta.

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  • ttt says:

    he’s definitely got smart genes, he’s mentioned his brothers are a doctor and a computer engineer

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