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Sean Sherk on B.J. Penn: “The guy is a pothead”

From a recent interview with Fight Hype where they ask Sean Sherk to respond to some of the things that B.J. Penn has had to say about him:

“Oh, nice! My response is I’ve done everything I could do to prove my innocence, including a polygraph examination. I’d like to strap him up to a polygraph and find out when was the last time he smoked reefer. The guy is a pothead and he wants to talk about natural title belts and that’s not true. He’s got secrets and he’s not fighting for a natural title belt so he could say what he wants to say, but I hooked myself up to a polygraph and I’d like to see him do the same.”

Oh snap! The war of words is really heating up between these two and they’re not even scheduled to fight one another right now. It’s a bit out of control that Sherk would accuse B.J. of being a pothead seeing as he’s never tested positive for marijuana. Sherk, on the other hand, did test positive. The criticism flung at Sherk is legitimate while calling B.J. Penn a “pothead” isn’t warranted.

The UFC has to be pulling for Penn in his fight against Stevenson because a fight between Sherk and Penn could mean big money for the UFC considering how much trash they’re already talking.

HT: MMA Mania

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