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UFC 79: Live from Vegas…

Sorry for the lack of updates. My wife and I arrived in Vegas yesterday and we’re staying at the Mandalay Bay. It’s an amazing hotel. Much better than the total dives that I’ve become accustomed over the years.

Not much news to report yet because some loser sitting behind my wife and I on the plane was coughing on us the entire time. We both were violently ill for much of Thursday and are just now bouncing back.

My wife did go down to the spa earlier this morning and saw a bunch of fighters hanging out trying to cut weight for the weigh-ins later today. She for sure saw Tony DeSouza and Melvin Guillard. Guillard had an entourage and was wearing a fur coat.

The weigh-ins start at 4 p.m. PT. I plan on heading down there for them and then coming back up to the room for a report. Then, it will be over to the Riviera for the IFO and “Fireworks in the Cage.”

Sorry that I don’t have better inside dirt for you guys yet, but now that I am feeling like a human being again, I should be able to go out and about and see some things.

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