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UFC marketing moving towards a “24/7″ style?

Take this for what it’s worth, but a poster by the name of NoHo responded to a thread on the UG about Wanderlei Silva. NoHo claims has was involved in the filming and editing of the Wanderlei Silva All Access and UFC 79 Countdown shows. He seems to be pretty legit. He had some interesting stories to share, which seem to be pretty legit, and he also had this interesting nugget of information:

Yes. These are the first things I’ve done for Zuffa. I edited and filmed some 24/7 specials for HBO (Mayweather/DLH, and Mayweather/Hatton) but this was the first time I’d done one for UFC. UFC is trying to go in a more respectable direction. It seems like they’re tired of treating it like a rap-rock or monster truck show. They’re aiming to be more classy. I was sent a memo to use only classical music with swelling orechestral scores and no rock music whatever that means. I’m curious to see if anything changes with the actual production of a UFC event.

Again, take it for what it’s worth. It’s a message board poster with no real identity. But if it’s true that the UFC is moving in a different direction as far as their marketing goes, that’s fantastic news. A lot of hardcores and supporters of the sport want to move toward treating the sport as a true sport and not as a spectacle.

If it’s also true that this guy helped film and edit the HBO 24/7 shows for the DLH/Mayweather fight and the Hatton/Mayweather fight, that’s even more fantastic news. The 24/7 show that HBO has produced for their two big pay per views this year have been an integral part in creating interest in their fights. Even if you didn’t particularly care about the fight, as soon as you watched an episode of 24/7, you wanted to order the pay per view. Imagine a 24/7 series for Liddell vs. Wanderlei. There would be so much more hype than there is right now. Again, if this is all true, it’s big news.

Check out the thread for yourself, there’s some pretty good stories about the filming (if they’re true).

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