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Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva: Worth the wait?

There is one word that can describe what happened in the Octagon last night: Epic. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell was everything we’ve waited for, everything we hoped for, and it turned out to be one of the most epic and entertaining fights in the UFC’s short history.

If it had happened one or two years ago we might be talking about this fight as the best fight ever in UFC history. It was well worth the wait. It took the collapse of PRIDE, both men losing their 205 lb. titles, and signing Wanderlei to the UFC to make it happen but the show that Liddell and Silva put on last night was worth all of it and then some.

Not only was the fight spectacular, but it’s what every casual fan wants to see from a mixed martial arts bout. A slugfest. Anyone who is not a big fan of mixed martial arts but caught that fight last night is talking about it today. People who didn’t even see the fight are saying that they heard it was great. Casual fans are seeking the fight out to watch it. Not only was it a classic matchup that we’ve been waiting on for years, it was also a fight that was fantastic for mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular.

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