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Dan Henderson thinks he’s a bad matchup for Anderson Silva and that he’ll win the clinch game

From Steve Sievert’s MMA Notebook at the Houston Chronicle:

“Style-wise, I’m just a bad fight for him,” Henderson said. “He’s very tough, very talented, but he hasn’t fought anybody like me.”

“My strength is the clinch game, and I don’t get out of position there to allow strikes,” said Henderson (22-5), who’s never been knocked out in his 10-year career. “That’s what he (Anderson Silva) thrives on, guys that are out of position and not very good in that clinch. For me, that’s where I’m going to beat him up, and if he gets there with me, I’m going to be taking him down and beating him up on the ground.”

The clinch game is going to be where this fight is won or lost. Will Henderson’s proficiency inside the Greco-Roman clinch allow him to take Silva down and control him? Or will Anderson Silva’s proficiency with the muay thai clinch shine through and allow him to beat Henderson up with knees and elbows inside? For my money, if this is where the fight’s going to be decided, the advantage goes to Henderson because of his Olympic background.

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