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Ken Pavia: Jordan Radev and Richie Hightower dropped from the UFC

In a little snippet from Ken Pavia’s latest “Lifefood Diet” experiment at MMA Junkie, Ken tells us that two of his clients, Richie Hightower and Jordan Radev have been dropped from the UFC:

The day needed a pick-me-up so I called UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to check the progress of my guys’ fights. He said he was still working on it but then informed me they would be releasing two of them, Jordan Radev and Richie Hightower.

On Radev:

While I protested, he made good points. Jordan just lost to Dean Lister at the last UFC to bring him to 0-2 in the show. He is a Bulgarian Olympic wrestler who had killed it in Europe going 11-1.

On Hightower:

Joe Silva said we would be doing a disservice to this kid to throw him into the 170 mix at this stage of his development. “He is young, so why ruin him?” I will keep this kid working for sure.

I had a feeling that Hightower would get cut from the UFC if he lost his fight at the TUF 6 Finale. He just doesn’t have what it takes, at least at this point, to even be anywhere near the top of the UFC’s most talent laden division. Radev, on the other hand, is more of a disappointment than anything else. His wrestling credentials are very good but he was just never able to put it all together inside the Octagon. Going 11-1 in Europe is one thing. Winning one fight in the UFC is a task all unto itself.

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