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Kurt Angle responds to Ken Shamrock and IFL commissioner Kurt Otto

It’s been a pretty busy news day in MMA today but the news keeps coming.

Kurt Angle, via, has responded to public comments made recently by Ken Shamrock and IFL commissioner Kurt Otto during a recent edition of “Inside MMA” on HDNet.

I did not see the show, but according to Ariel Helwani from Jarry Park, the gist of the statements made by Otto and Shamrock were the following:

Basically, Otto said that after Angle sat in the front row at an IFL event in September 2007 he got cold feet and decided against fighting Shamrock at an IFL event. Shamrock then implied that Angle was scared to go toe-to-toe with “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Helwani asked Angle why he backed out of a possible deal with the IFL. Angle responded by saying:

“That’s because they tried to force a fight with me and Ken in two and a half months. (It’s) not enough time to take off from TNA and train for a fight. They rushed it…I would have never been ready. They didn’t care. He just wanted PPV buys.”

Angle is also taking issue with a growing reputation in MMA circles that he’s milking a possible entry into the sport simply for the sake of generating headlines:

My rep in MMA is that I back out. No I don’t. Usually they back out of the deal because of my price. I want giant money. Usually they say they will pay me what I want then they change it and tell me they will pay me on the back end. I want it up front PERIOD.”

Helwani writes that he doubts we’ll see Angle in an IFL ring. I tend to agree. And as someone who at one point was convinced we’d see Angle in MMA, I am now convinced we never will. If he was serious about doing it, he would have done it by now. The money was there when he first left the WWE and the UFC made him a strong offer.

And for the record, if Angle and Shamrock ever fought, my money would be on Angle.

Click here to read Helwani’s entire post on Angle’s latest comments.

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