twitter google’s previews for UFC 81 prove to be very interesting…


If you head over to the official website for UFC 81 you will get to see the typical event trailer and in depth videos on the main event and co-main events. Both the in-depth videos on Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir and Tim Sylvia vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira are very interesting.

While watching the preview for Lesnar vs Mir, it has become clear in my mind that Lesnar is going to be in for a rude awakening. Mir appears to be very confident in the fact that he’s going to submit Lesnar and I tend to agree with him.

From the way Lesnar is talking it sounds like he believes that his wrestling alone will win him the fight and seems to really be ignorant to jiu jitsu. Others may not get that much from the preview, but I’m getting the feeling that just like Mir vs. Abbott this fight is going to end by submission very quickly.

In the Sylvia vs Nogueira preview I was slightly disappointed but not at all surprised to find absolutely no mention of the Randy Couture situation. There was actually not even a mention of the fact it was an interim title.

The interim title that is being fought for is basically a battle for the vacant heavyweight championship but due to legalities surrounding Couture’s contract it can’t be classified as such. This begs the question however, how long is the UFC prepared to keep up this facade?

Like I said though, you would gather absolutely none of that from the preview without any previous knowledge of the Randy Couture situation.

Head over to the offical website to watch the previews and see if you read as much into them as I did.

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