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Gina Carano helps 5 Oz. of Pain set traffic record

Yes, the title is a bit mis-leading. But it’s technically true.

On Monday, broke its record for page views in a single day. The staff here was kind of surprised to see a major traffic surge following a non-fight weekend.

After some simple research we were able to see where the traffic was coming from: search hits from people using the term “Gina Carano.”

Nearly 20% of our traffic the last two days have been from first-time viewers to the site who stumbled upon us by doing a search on Carano via a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo!

If you’re one of those people who have stumbled upon us, thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy what you’ve been reading and stick around.

We know that other sites have experienced a rise in traffic from Carano searches as well. Right now, she’s the hottest thing in MMA and has been burning up search engines.

I’m still a little perplexed though because while I haven’t had a chance to watch American Gladiators, my friends and family have said that Carano, who appears on the show under the alter-ego “Crush,” has not been mentioned by her real name. And while a past as a “former cage fighter” has apparently been referenced, EliteXC has not been referred to by name. Somehow, people are still making the correlation between “Crush” and Gina Carano.

As a special thanks, here’s some video of Gina in action on AG, courtesy of NBC:

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