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Kendall Grove: “My first six fights, I fought high.”

In a very interesting interview at Cage Potato, Kendall Grove reveals his thoughts on marijuana and whether or not it should be a banned substance for mixed martial artists:

“See, marijuana is a touchy subject. I’m a rock star — I’ve been smoking weed since I was in the 6th grade, I can openly say that. But I’m also clean when I fight. I cut that shit out — I’m a professional. Don’t get me wrong, my first six fights, I fought high, I fought stoned. But when you get to this level, you have to take responsibility. It’s your job. I stop doing that stuff three months out. I just think they blew it way out of proportion. What did they say with Nick Diaz? “Oh, him smoking weed made his pain threshold higher—”

“It’s stupid. Steroids actually make you run faster, make you stronger — it’s a performance enhancer. And weed just makes you gain weight and be lazy. “

Is this really surprising to anyone? There are plenty of people in the sport who smoke weed, you just don’t know about it. Why? Because they clean their system out just like Kendall does. Marijuana and the jiu jitsu culture are intertwined so it should be no surprise that some of these fighters, more than we probably think, are rockin’ the ganj on a regular basis.

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