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Matt Hughes says he’ll continue to fight

Matt Hughes was on the Jim Scott morning show yesterday on 700 WLW, a local talk radio station here in Cincinnati. The interview itself is not much more than a fluff piece, but Hughes did confirm that he will continue to fight in the UFC. Here’s what Hughes had to say when asked if he was going to continue to fight:

“Yes, I am. I can’t go out on a loss like that. I’m too much of a competitor. I’m 34 years old, my body’s actually extremely healthy from what I’ve done my whole life. If you look at it, Chuck Liddell, I think he’s 37 or 38, Randy Couture’s close to 43 and he’s called the most dominant heavyweight right now. So if you look at the timeline, I’ve got plenty of fights left in me.”

Even though Hughes clearly no longer has the stranglehold on the welterweight division that he once did, there are still plenty of fights out there for him. If Matt Serra loses to Georges St. Pierre in April, look for Hughes and Serra to finally settle their unfinished business in the cage.

Click here to download the audio clip.

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